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Garnet & Blacketology: Elite Eight

The Tweet 16 round of Garnet & Blacketology: The College Tworld Series saw some of our strongest competitors get sent home, but I feel confident in saying that the eight remaining entrants are truly elite tweeters - even if I voted against the masses in or two of the matchups that brought us to this point. But there is no time to mourn the elimination of the likes of @TeamGarcia5 and @Lifeofagamecock because we've got important work to do: The College Tworld Series Regional Finals.

In the words of The Wire:

Cutty: "Game done changed."
Slim Charles: "Game's the same, just got more fierce."

As always, click on "VOTE" next to each matchup to be taken to a page where you'll be prompted to select the superior tweeter. And come back tomorrow for the Final Four.

Blogger / Pay Site Writer Region

(5) @WesMitchellSC vs. (2) @johnmwhittle: VOTE

Journalist Region

(1) @sportstalksc vs. (6) @TravHaneyESPN: VOTE

Athlete Region

(1) @mtRoth29 vs. @31milesaway: VOTE

Entertainment Region

(1) @ITS_DABO vs. (3) @NoStephenGarcia: VOTE