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Garnet & Blacketology, Day One: Blogger/Pay Site Writer Region

The original plan was to do each round of voting for Garnet & Blacketology all in one day. However, after sitting down at my computer to get everything set up for voting, I realized that would be extremely difficult to pull off. So, instead, we'll take the first round one region at a time, starting with the Blogger/Pay Site Writer region.


Click on "VOTE" next to each matchup to be taken to a page where you'll be prompted to select the superior tweeter.

(1) @GCChrisClark vs. (8) Spurs Up Blog: VOTE (FINAL: @SpursUPBlog 60%, @GCChrisClark 30%)

(4) @RubrChickens vs. (5) @Wes MitchellSC: VOTE (FINAL: @RubrChickens 40%, @WesMitchellSC 59%)

(3) @LifeOfaGamecock vs. (6) @ScottHood63: VOTE (FINAL: @Lifeofagamecock 60%, @ScottHood63 39%)

(2) @johnmwhittle vs. (7) @DCatGCKCentral: VOTE (FINAL: @johnmwhittle 85%, @DCatGCKCentral 14%)