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Garnet & Blacketology, Day Three: Athlete Region

UPDATE: Voting on Day Three is closed (see results below). Click here to vote on today's matchups.


Day Two of Garnet & Blacketology: The College Tworld Series, unlike day one, featured no surprises, as the higher seeded team won each matchup. @ITS_DABO, @TeamGarcia5, @NoStephenGarcia, and @Haney1075 each won by comfortable margins and advanced to the round of sixteen.

Today we move on to the Athlete Region, which features six Gamecocks, a Tiger, and a fish.


(1) @mtRoth29 vs. (8) @Wheres_Reptar: VOTE (FINAL: @mtRoth29 82%, @Wheres_Reptar 17%)

(2) @31milesaway vs. (7) @Tcamp101: VOTE (FINAL: @31milesaway 80%, @Tcamp6011 20%)

(3) @ChadKelly12 vs. (6) @DrewOwens88: VOTE (FINAL: @ChadKelly12 23%, @DrewOwens88 76%)

(4) @FrankMartin_SC vs. (5) @LattTwoOne: VOTE (FINAL: @FrankMartin_SC 35%, @LattTwoOne 64%)

As always, voting concludes at midnight.