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Garnet & Blacketology, Day Four: Journalist Region


Going into Day Three of Garnet & Blacketology: The College Tworld Series, @mtRoth29 and @31milesaway seemed like locks to advance in the Athlete Region against overmatched foes, but I was genuinely surprised that @ChadKelly12 and @FrankMartin_SC didn't seem to stand much of a chance against @DrewOwens88 and @LattTwoOne, repsectively. In the latter pair of matchups, it seemed like voters valued the human beings associated with the Twitter feeds over the feeds themselves. In any case, next week's regional semifinal should be fascinating, as voters will be forced to decide between @mtRoth29 and @LattTwoOne.

Today we move from the Athlete Region to the group of people tasked with writing about them: journalists.


Click on "VOTE" next to each matchup to be taken to a page where you'll be prompted to select the superior tweeter.

(1) @sportstalksc vs. (8) BSenkiwAIM: VOTE (FINAL: @sportstalksc 55%, @BSenkiwAIM 44%)

(2) @DarrylSlater vs. (7) @JostatTheState: VOTE (FINAL: @DarrylSlater 55%, @JostatTheState 44%)

(3) @ikhurshudyan vs. (6) @TravHaneyESPN: VOTE (FINAL: @ikhurshudyan 34%, @TravHaneyESPN 65%)

(4) @GamecockRadio vs. (5) @Andy_Staples: VOTE (FINAL: @GamecockRadio 63%, @Andy_Staples 44%)

(Gamecock'n'balls compiled the scouting reports for each of today's matchups.)