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Adam Matthews Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds; Colby Holmes, Tyler Webb, and L.B. Dantzler Not Drafted

On the MLB Draft's third day, South Carolina saw one current player drafted: senior Adam Matthews, who went in the 29th round to the Cincinnati Reds. Matthews was drafted in the 23rd round last year, but after deciding to return for his senior season, he struggled and saw his stock drop. However, we've gotten a renewed glimpse of his potential over the past few weeks, as he's been hitting the seems off the ball lately and was awarded the Columbia Regional MVP after a very strong weekend. Hopefully, he can parlay continued strong post-season play into a positive start in the Cincinnati organization. Best of luck to him.

The biggest news of the day for Carolina was that juniors Colby Holmes, Tyler Webb, and L.B. Dantzler were all undrafted, meaning that they'll likely be back for their senior seasons. Some felt that each of these players, and in particular Holmes, stood an excellent chance of being drafted, perhaps relatively highly. One might assume that they were passed on in the later rounds because it was unlikely that they would fore go their senior seasons unless good money was on the table. That would mean that they're also unlikely to take undrafted free agent money. In any event, while disappointing, in some regards, for the players, it's good news for Carolina's 2013 chances if they all return. I wouldn't be surprised if Holmes is given the premier Friday night starting spot. He's pitched very well for most of the year and deserves a bigger role. Webb may also be given a chance to start, but if not (I foresee a Holmes / Jordan Montgomery / Joel Seddon or Nolan Belcher weekend rotation), he'll be our most experienced reliever and may be given a chance to close. Dantzler's bat will, of course, remain useful.

Carolina signees Ryan Ripken (son of Cal), Dixon Lorens, and Max Schrock were all drafted, by Baltimore (Cal Ripken's old team), St. Louis, and Arizona, respectively. The P&C expects all three to enroll, although of course we'll want to monitor their situations.