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Top Ten 2011 South Carolina Football Plays: Number Five, Clowney Sack, Ingram Scoop against UGA

Well, we're getting into the nitty gritty here with the best plays of last season. Tonight, we're talking about the memorable play where Jadeveon Clowney forced Aaron Murray to fumble and Melvin Ingram took the fumble back for a TD against UGA. Based on comments I've read, some of you are probably going to be disappointed that this momentous play isn't higher on the list. Before we get to explaining my choice, let's look at the play:

Clowney Sack, Ingram Fumble Recovery USC vs Georgia 2011 Radio Edit (via SFCocking)

Why It's Here: This play sealed the biggest win of the season, our both epic and, in some ways, serendipitous victory over the Georgia Bulldogs. This was a shocking play. In hindsight, I remember thinking that UGA would press up the field methodically on this drive. However, that never got off the ground. Georgia goes for a screen draw here, but they make the mistake of basing the play around faking out and epic talent, and Clowney gets in too fast. Murray makes a dumb decision to try to get rid of the ball, and the rest is history. This is a play we'll never forget. Who doesn't love seeing Carolina whip UGA? We're all good Americans, after all.

Why It's Not Higher: I'm sure some of you are going to argue that this should be in the top two or three, and I welcome your arguments. It was huge play and easily up there with the most memorable of the 2011. But, as huge as this play was (its implications are why it's here), the thing that keeps it from being higher with me is that it seems more like a huge gaffe by the Dawgs than a great play by Carolina. If anyone on Carolina gets credit for this play, it's Clowney, who has this play telegraphed all the way. The UGA o-line lets Clowney come on the halfback draw, and Clowney doesn't flinch as he sees a clean route to Murray. However, Murray, somewhat notorious for flunking out in key situations, is probably the real situation here. The top Dawg dumbs out when he sees Clowney coming and tries to make something out of nothing. He pays. It was a great play, but it was a fortuitous play. The ones coming up will have a bit more credit to Carolina to recommend them.