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South Carolina Football: Which game besides LSU and UGA worries you the most?

<em>"Please, please, please don't pick us.  Overlook us.  That's right.   Y'all worry about somebody else."</em>
"Please, please, please don't pick us. Overlook us. That's right. Y'all worry about somebody else."

This is a bit of a trick question. Every game on the schedule should be worrying you. After all, history has not been kind to the Gamecock faithful. Six of the teams we face - half the schedule! - have all-time winning records against us: Georgia, LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas and Clemson. Everyone of these games has nail-biter potential all over them. And, of course, the squads that we do have long-term winning records over - Vandy, ECU, Kentucky and Wofford - have always found a way to give us grief at absolutely the worst time, too. So put them in the nail-biter column also.

That leaves SEC newcomer Missouri and the UAB Blazers. Yep. You guessed it - they will be ulcer-causers like the others. (Ed - I get Mizzou, but the Blazers were 3-9 in '11. C'mon!) Lest ye overlook UAB, the Blazers' '10 edition went 4-8, and also took UT to 2OT in Neyland Stadium. Somebody pass the Maalox. Looking over the calendar, I probably won't wake up on a Saturday morning without a knot in my stomach until we get November 3 - "Open date."

We all know that the stretch from 10/06/12 to 10/13/12 could make-or-break the entire season - when we host the Georgia Bulldogs on the first Saturday in October before flying down to Baton Rouge for a date with the LSU Tigers (let's light a candle in hopes that CBS will pick it up as a 3:30 SEC game of the week). If you're going to be sleeping well during those two weeks, then either you've somehow wandered into GABA by accident or you're a troll (and not even a Dawg troll! They won't be sleeping well then, either).

Anyhow, any sane Gamecock fan - Hey! Knock it off in the Peanut gallery! - would pick those games. So which other game on the sked is currently causing you the most angst? Is it a trap game - or is there a scheme mismatch? Is there an opposing coach who thirsts for revenge? Or an opposing player who might lay the wood to our backsides?

Take our Fan Poll and let's see if there's a consensus. Better yet - leave a comment. Explain yourself. Think of it like homework. Except its football. You'll love it. Dazzle us. That' not so hard, is it? (Ed - Ok - some of you don't have to answer that. And you know who you are).