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The Feed Pail: August 10, 2012


Dear Gentle readers: Now that football season is upon us, it makes sense to recommence our link trolling in order to bring you the finest tidbits of Gamecock lore collected from the far reaches of the Interwebs. With Gamecock Man's permission, however, the feature formerly known as "The Daily Feed" has now become "The Feed Pail." Alas, it's the classic bait-and-switch; a new name, but the same old content. I don't know whether to feel more sorry for you or me.

At least I'm free of the daily aspect, so I've got that going for me. Perhaps we will lure others to join us in this quixotic enterprise. "'Forward, the Light Brigade! Charge for the guns!' he said."

Just nobody tell my boss? M'kay? Yeeeaaaahhhhh. So without further ado:

Gamecock Football

Post & Courier: Behind Ace Sanders, wide receiver playing time available at South Carolina.

ESPN: The SEC according to Spurrier. Haterz will hate, but the man is a legend ... and his run ain't over yet. (Dang, do I sound like a Dawg fan using "haterz" in a sentence? Mea culpa!)

Athlon: The SEC's top 75 players for 2012.

NBC Sports: Ben Kercheval picks the order of finish for the SEC. No surprises, really.

Palmetto Recruiting: Brandon Golson denies he is a USC commitment. The way the numbers are going (especially at LB), I doubt the former Calhoun County product will end up with the Garnet and Black. (Do I sound like a Georgia fan again when I say he probably doesn't have a commitable offer and that we're targeting higher value prospects anyway? I do? I need to check my temperature or somethin').

The hits keep rolling after The Jump! Keep reading!

Total College Sports: Is Georgia the best bet to win the SEC? Inquiring minds want to know, but timid souls should be forewarned that the "S" word is used in connection with the Bulldogs .... yes, I mean "schedule." TFP is always work safe and (mostly) family friendly.

Dawg Sports: Mr. Sanchez previews the Gamecocks. I'll forgive the "South Newark" swipe ... but I'm one of the few guys you know who has ridden the MARTA from Lindbergh to Hartsfield, so I wouldn't be throwing stones in that glass house, were I a Peanut Stater, if you know what I mean.

CBS Sports: Previews South Carolina; plus Gamecock Central's Scott Hood talks USC football on the Timmy B. Show.

Bleacher Report: Training Continues, Lattimore to Work out Knee Today and The Importance of Ace Sanders in the Offense This Year. Plus - Steve Spurrier Still Has More to Accomplish.

Brad Senkiw: Mentally trusting his repaired knee is key for Marcus Lattimore.

Leftover Hotdog: The General asks Can The Gamecocks Football Team Afford Injuries? Good stuff.

Instant Radio Rivals: Mike Mizell sees a "garnet lining" in the SEC East schedule? (from last week).

The Rubber Chickens: Foto Friday – Punking Dabo. Heh.

Gamecocksonline: Preseason Accolades Continue for Gamecocks . You say you don't care, but I know deep down that you do.


Sports Talk Radio: Former Gamecocks earn Olympic silver medal.

Gamecock Soccer

Greenville Online: USC men's soccer tops preseason Conference USA poll .

Loose Feed

Mr. SEC: Arkansas's Knile Davis has been running his mouth all summer about being the best tailback in the SEC, but for some reason has been sitting out all tackling drills. In related news, there's apparently no joy in Mudville anymore in the post Jessica Durrell era. I recommend a relaxing Harley excursion through the Ozarks if you're feeling blue, but then that's me. Speaking of that, the L'Affaire Petrino rehab efforts have officially commenced; let me be the first to say that I doubt we've seen the last of Robert P. Petrino. [Confidential to Joker Phillips: I'd be watching over my shoulder if I was you. Just sayin', that's all]. On a lighter note, y'all will be happy to know that the Hogs have finally filled Jessica's job. It's a win-win! Dadgummit, the Arkies have been kicking our buttocks of late, but I am sorely going to miss them in the Brave New SEC.

Scout: Preview 2012 - Hardest Stadiums To Win In. Middlin' respect for the Cockpit; at least the writer had sense to put us ahead of Dearth Valley.

DixieFriedSports: 10 Biggest SEC Running Back Busts Since 2000. We tried and tried, but the Gamecocks could only muster two busts and had to give pride of place to the Vols with three. Well, at least we managed a tie with UGA. Bless our hearts. Bless all theirs, too. I'll miss Tess on Friday nights.

War Eagle Reader: If you're a GoT fan, then you must see A Song of Turf and Pigskin, Book One: A Game of SEC East Thrones (also check out .Book Two: A Clash of SEC West Kings). I remember Vineyarddog did one of these awhile back over at Dawg Sports which I thought was funny, too. Then i realized this sort of thing is actually relatively common these days.