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The Feed Pail: August 11, 2012

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<em>Kenny Miles - running with a tough crowd</em>
Kenny Miles - running with a tough crowd

TFP - Somewhere it must be time for penitence.

Gamecock Football

Greenville Online: Reserve CB Cadarious Sanders (RS Soph, 1VL) has left the team, and Easley native Sidney Rhodes - a walk-on transfer from Western Carolina (originally listed as a reserve WR) - has been moved to CB. If we're thin at corner, I seem to remember somebody saying we ought to consider moving Bruce Ellington to the defensive backfield. But - hey - what do I know? (Note: as with all Greenville News content, beware of late-springing paywalls).

Anderson Independent-Mail: More love for Qua! USC's Gilchrist excited about move to fullback.

Post & Courier: Darryl Slater files South Carolina trying to sort out a crowded backfield behind Marcus Lattimore. Hey! Wait a second! Didn't someone say that we were weak at RB, which was a reason why we are so overrated? New position coach Everette Sands truly has an embarrassment of riches - no matter what a doofus like Russ Mitchell thinks.

Spur of the Moment: Over on his blog, Darryl thinks Mathieu's dismissal adds intrigue to USC-LSU on Oct. 13. I'm more with GM and ESPN's Chris Low on this one - LSU is one of the few squads that could afford to lose a player of the Honey Badger's caliber, and not show much effect on the field. Darryl also has some other good practice news and notes - don't miss them.

Leftover Hotdog - 19 Days until Kickoff. If you haven't been reading this daily series by Billy "The General" Koehler, you really should.

O'burg Times & Democrat: Langston Moore has been tabbed as the new Carolina IMG sideline reporter. Glad to see the big fella back! He replaces Terry Cousin - who left in March to take a job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (you may recall Terry had also served in the A.D.'s office as Director of Player Development). That being said, I still miss Duce Staley, who was forced out in 2010.

GamecocksOnline: Friday practice notes and interviews.

Saturday Down South: Jon rounds up SEC Running Backs: Career stats entering 2012 season. How does Latti measure up? Do the stats (especially YPC) tell the whole tale?

Ron Morris: I bet you couldn't see this column coming, could you? USC can learn from McEvoy incident. I think what burns me up about this sort of faux-moralizing (and I would dang-sure rather let a USC player drive me home after a night-out than an inky wretch like Morris) is that they were so willing to humiliate Tanner McEvoy just to get in a few cheap shots at Spurrier. Par for the course. (From yesterday).

Gamecock Central: Shout it out - Chris Culliver and others sing Mr. Don't Say Nuthin's praises - even if the big man won't do it himself. (Of course, does he really have to say anything? Do I even have to ask that question - when you already know the answer?) Matt Connolly blogs that Spurrier continues to praise Thompson.

Football Recruiting

Life of a Gamecock: Adam weighs in on The Saga of Brandon Golson. He's right - it's time to move on. Keep in mind it was just ten days ago that his coach said he was sticking with USC. Funny, it seems we don't seem to do well when it comes to recruiting the extended Golson clan - here is Exhibit A (yes - I know they're not closely related).

Orlando Sentinel: Delray RB Greg Bryant says he'll sign with an SEC school. We're still in the mix with Bryant (a consensus 4 star recruit), but I've got to think our main target is Philadelphia's David Williams - another consensus 4 star RB prospect. I certainly doubt we get both, even if they are counting on Marcus Lattimore declaring early for the NFL.

Sports Talk Radio: On the subject of Williams, Phil Kornblut reports that he has USC firmly in his favorites’ list.

Sporting News: James Franklin has Vanderbilt recruiting at new levels. I don't particularly like him, but Franklin isn't a flash-in-the-pan, folks. Stuff like this only helps make the point.

Gamecock Hoops

Sports Talk Radio: USC’s SEC basketball schedule is now official. The good news is that Frank Martin is at the helm now. The bad news is we pick up Mizzou.

Loose Feed

Arkansas Expats: The Hogs are happy that SB Nation appropriately Ranks Arkansas Ahead Of South Carolina (Finally, Someone Does This). It wouldn't have been a question but for that, er, little joy ride incident, fellas. Don't blame us (from Wednesday).

CBS Sports: SEC: Why the West is on top. Don't blame us for this one, either. We've been doing our share. Except for the Auburn game last year. And the year before. And Arkansas the last few years. OK, OK. Never mind.

Cemetery Hill: Look at potential AD successors at Clemson. Casting a jaundiced eye to the goings-on in Tiger Town.

College and Magnolia Blog: College and Magnolia is SB Nation's new Auburn blog. Welcome aboard, guys! Their maiden post is here. I'm not quite sure what happened to their predecessor - Track 'Em Tigers - it looks like all their archives are still at C&M. The Track 'Em Tigers Twitter Page is a bit vague, but here is an interesting post on the subject here. Speaking of the most famous intersection in the loveliest village on the plains, you will be happy to learn that the Toomer's Corners Oaks are still hanging in there and are Ready to Roll. Every time I hear someone on the radio say "Lane Kiffin is really an OK guy" (I think it was either Scott Van Pelt or Ryan Russillo - but don't hold me to that), I know there's a story like this one never far behind. The man is simply a human suppository, no matter how good a coach or recruiter he is.

Washington Post: In a similar vein, every time I hear that Derek Dooley is a smart guy, I also know there's a story like this one never far behind either. Could you imagine us practicing at a field named for a guy who torched us for two generations? Could you imagine being a Vol fan and seeing a headline like that one?

YouTube: Think the Bolts are impressed with their first round pick?

Chicago Tribune: But didn't all the "experts" tell us he would be an epic NFL fail? Jeffery a lone bright spot for Bears offense.