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The Feed Pail: August 15, 2012

<em>Ace Sanders:  Prime passing target?</em>
Ace Sanders: Prime passing target?

TFP - I wanna tell her that I love her so.

Gamecock Football

Greenvilleonline: USC finding answers for passing game targets.

Bart Wright: Open practice a rare treat these days in college football.

The Rubber Chickens: Gamecock Football 2012 Best Case/Worst Case – The Offense.

Saturday Down South: SDS’ top SEC Heisman Trophy contenders.

ESPN SEC Blog: Chris Low thinks we have one of The SEC's toughest three-game stretches.

Post and Courier: South Carolina punter Tyler Hull already making impact.

Sports Talk Radio: Steve Spurrier makes a surprise appearence with media Tuesday (AUDIO).

Bleacher Report: Alex Roberts follows-up his study of the TEs yesterday with South Carolina Football: Evaluating the Wide Receivers.

Get the Picture: For all his sangfroid, the Senator simply cannot get the HBC out of his head - I can win that division in 69 players…

CBS Sports: Daniel Lewis lists 5 SEC upsets that could happen. So many people have talked about Vandy pulling an upset over Carolina on August 31 that it's practically a cliche - but one I hope that is sinking into our players' heads; they're going to have to bring their "A" game because the 'Dores will be bringing theirs.

Leftover Hotdog: 15 Days Until Kickoff. So close!

Check out the Loose Feed after The Jump!

Loose Feed

Matt Hayes: As North Carolina academic scandal deepens, all eyes on Mark Emmert. Matt double-dog-dares the NCAA to do something about the fetid swamp of academic fraud that is Chapel Hill. Someone pass the popcorn. Ever since South Carolina hired Frank McGuire (1964) and Paul Dietzel (1966) - and started making moves that upset the balance of power in the ACC - we've been continually smeared, disdained and looked-down-upon by the Tobacco Road powers, particularly UNC. The Tarheels weren't simply satisfied with garnering academic honors; they took it a step further by being smug and holier-than-thou to everyone else they adjudged inferior. They told the world that they were the gold standard by which all Southern sports powers should be measured; that they had somehow succeeded in striking the perfect balance between academics and sports excellence (primarily on the hardwood, but also from time-to-time on the gridiron) . Everyone else paled in comparison - but they held us up particularly in contempt, and they never missed an opportunity to rub it in. Well the piper's about to be paid, folks. Enjoy the show USC fans. You earned it.

Gregg Doyel: North Carolina cheated and prospered, now it's time for reckoning. Is schadenfreude a dish best served cold?

Crystal Ball Run: Morning Playbook - Mark Emmert's Pandora's Box is Open. A lot of people warned this would happen during the heat of the Penn State/Freeh Report/NCAA hammer blow. I still believe Penn State was a very unique set of circumstances. UNC has been under investigation for years through normal NCAA channels, so it can't claim it's being railroaded. Still, this is the time where we see if the NCAA is serious about toughening up a Emmert as said they are - or will they play favorites and let the Heels slide a bit, like they did Tennessee? Andy Staples writes about The Sabanization of college football. My feeling is that Saban is a unique guy at a unique university on a unique run of success, and that stories about "Sabanization" are slightly overblown.

Pre-Snap Read: Paul Meyerberg did such a good job analyzing Clemson, that I thought you'd enjoy his post about the next team in their countdown that's on our schedule - No. 19: Arkansas. You can go through the archives to get their take on some of our other opponents that they already profiled: Florida (28), Tennessee (34), Missouri (44), Vanderbilt (66), East Carolina (75) and UAB (117).