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The Feed Pail: August 16, 2012

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<em>The HBC:   Lattimore number 1, Miles number 2. </em>
The HBC: Lattimore number 1, Miles number 2.

TFP - You know it's hard to believe.

Gamecock Football

Post & Courier: With South Carolina’s opener two weeks away, Marcus Lattimore gets warm welcome at scrimmage. Looks like we've officially settled on 1-2 RB punch of Lattimore and Kenny Miles; I'm happy with that - Carson, Wilds and Davis are all young and will get some carries this year, but Lattimore and Miles can put the team on their backs. As for Lattimore being "strong" - I'm not surprised that he looked good; with his proven work ethic, I never worried for a minute that his rehab would be behind pace. Also - 8,000 in attendance for a mid-week, short-notice scrimmage is pretty impressive, I must say. I do hope Wilds' ankle sprain isn't too severe. Good to see Joshua Blue battling for p.t. at the RB slot.

Spur of the Moment: Darryl has some extra notes on the scrimmage over at his blog.

Yfrog: Panoramic photo of W-B during Wednesday pre-scrimmage warmups. New video board - Daddy likes.

Greenville News: Marcus Lattimore returns to USC healthy, mature. I don't quite get Wright's "mature" angle - Lattimore was always one the most mature underclassmen I ever saw wear the Garnet and Black. Perhaps "even more mature" would have been a better headline.

SI.Com: Andy Staples previews the Cocks for SI's Top 25 Team Previews - 7: South Carolina Gamecocks. As a service to our Bulldog friends, SI has Georgia at number 9; Lars Anderson does the UGA preview here.

Sports Talk Radio: More on the scrimmage from K-Mac - Fans get final peek at USC before Spurrier closes practices (AUDIO).

Aiken Standard: The A.P.'s Pete Iacobelli writes Spurrier: South Carolina could top last season.

The Rubber Chickens: Gamecock Football 2012: Best Case/Worst Case – The Defense.

ESPN SEC Blog: Ed Aschoff runs down The SEC's most indispensable players. Do you agree with him when it comes to his selection for USC?

David Climer: The Tennessean's main sports columnist has a more defensive take on who we can least afford to lose - Meet the SEC's most irreplaceable players (from Sunday). I can't say his logic is flawed.

Saturday Down South: The word's out on Shaq and Jerrell - Several freshmen are already making a name for themselves in fall camp.

Athlon: Do you agree with Vegas projections on W's for South Carolina? Link (you have to scroll down).

Total College Sports: Expectations for South Carolina - Win the SEC (video).

Leftover Hotdog: Gamecocks Football: 14 Days Until Kickoff. Two weeks notice! Also, Flounder posts the official motivational video. Love the music; Sly Stallone's harangue, though, is a little incongruous - but I'll let it slide this time. (Ed. - come on dude, it's Rocky). Yeah - but it's from Rocky VI. I stopped watching after Clubber Lang got his.

Team Speed Kills: Year2 asks Which Top Ten Teams Are Most Likely to Finish Unranked? He thinks we're one of the answers, but promises that "it's all about the schedule." We'll see, I guess.

Loose Feed

Meet Me at the 50: Doug Jolley writes about Ray Tanner's Unprecedented Opportunity.

LA Times: San Diego Chargers rookie Melvin Ingram throws his weight around.

Dawg Sports: TKK pulls no punches as he eviscerates an anti-Southern bigot - Bless His Heart: A Southeastern Conference Partisan's Reply to Chuck Thompson.

Memphis Commercial Appeal: Trouble is brewing once again on the plains of East Alabama. Stay tuned.

SB Nation: Self-admitted UNC homer passionately argues the old "everybody does it" defense - The UNC Scandal And One Big Excuse To Be Outraged Again. That dog won't hunt, son. It never does.

Ripped from the pages of Phil Steele's Magazine: Behold Todd Grantham's Mike Bobo's (derp!) plan for stopping Jadeveon Clowney - hold him. Five will get you ten that Penn Wagers sees nothing wrong with the Dawgs' technique.