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What Opposing SEC Coaches Say about Gamecock Football.

Recently Athlon Sports posted some quotes. The quotes were what opposing SEC Coaches say about each team. They listed some quotes for each team, South Carolina included. Note, some of the comments about Texas A&M and Missouri sounded more like fan-speak -- ""Like Missouri, they’re going to find the going gets tougher now that they’re in the SEC." I assume that's just how they honestly feel, and I don't know whether I should appreciate the honesty or supreme trolling. Either way it's pretty good.

Let's play a game, shall we? Let's see if we can identify who said what about the South Carolina Gamecocks.

1. Auburn. since we had such limited success on offense against Auburn. Dang you, Auburn. Also, not Georgia.

"When you play South Carolina, you have to stop 21 (Marcus Lattimore). Their gameplan was to turn and hand the ball to him. So from a scheme perspective, they weren’t that hard to defend.

2. Florida. what better way to answer a question than to pay homage to an alum of my current employer. Also, Shaw had some good runs and that big completion in the Fourth Quarter last year.

I have the utmost respect for them. They won with a different formula last season. They had an outstanding defense. They found unique ways to move the football. It wasn’t the pass-happy teams that we saw from Steve Spurrier at Florida in the ’90s. They utilized the strengths that Connor Shaw has, which are his feet and his mobility.

3. This also could have been Auburn or Georgia. But to mix it up, I'll throw in Vanderbilt. Our defense had a bit of fun running around and wreaking havoc. Thank god, for that.

From an offensive standpoint, South Carolina was the most difficult team to prepare for. They were just so good up front. They can play guys that are defensive ends and put them in as tackles and that can really screw up your plan. You don’t know where they are going to be, so it’s hard to get a double-team on them.

4. Georgia. Sack Fumble.

(Defensive end) Jadeveon Clowney was very good. He is long, and he is athletic off the edge, and if he doesn’t get a rush he can knock a lot of balls down. He can beat you in so many ways.

5. Tennessee or Arkansas. Where AJ1 had his two of his season lows in yardage of 17(UT) and 19(Arky).

I’m not so sure how much they will miss Alshon Jeffrey. The Alshon Jeffrey from 2010 was a great player. The Jeffrey from 2011, I’m not sure how much they will miss him. I thought he got a little bit out of shape. From what people tell me, (freshman) Shaq Roland will be a guy who can step in and produce."

So, who you got?

**Updated with my guesses.