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The Feed Pail: August 18, 2012

<em>Aldrick Fordham:  Happy End-ings.</em>
Aldrick Fordham: Happy End-ings.

TFP - You think you're in the movies, everything is so deep.

Leftover Hotdog: If you see this man at Williams-Brice Stadium, you are authorized to use deadly force to protect the Clemmy gene pool from further degradation (No, no, no - not Aldrick - this guy -->) You Stay Classy, Clemson. Epic doofus-dom. I would have given anything for a bunch of AU guys to have caught him and beat him to a pulp. Or - better yet - watch him get Tasered by some Jordan-Hare security rent-a-cops. Remember that when any UGA fans sneer that Clemson is their "true rival" from the Palmetto State, this is the sort of thing they're signing onto; even the most inveterate Aubie-hater or Clems-o-phile Athenian should be embarrassed by this effort. I am embarrassed as a South Carolinian. I had to turn it off after awhile, it was so bad.

Gamecock Anthem: Looks like Scout has brought in our pal Adam Garrett to help plug some personnel losses - great hire! Here is one of his first free pieces on GA: Breaking down the depth chart: Special Teams. Maybe this explains why things have been so quiet at Life of a Gamecock.

Gamecock Central: AP Ranks Gamecocks No. 9 - 32nd consecutive week in the poll.

Saturday Down South: SEC QB Superlatives and SEC Running Back Superlatives.

Post & Courier: Aldrick Fordham glad to be his natural position of defensive end.

Greenville News: Maturity helps land starting spot for USC's Kelcy Quarles. Paywall warning! Not to be confused with a Pawwwllll warning.

Bleacher Report: South Carolina Football and the Good Times: Winning Draws Winners to the Program and South Carolina 35, Alabama 21: The Day the Gamecocks Stepped Out Into the Sun. Cornerback Auguste returns to practice for Gamecocks.

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Gamecock Basketball

Palmetto Recruiting: Carrera good to go with USC. Good news for Coach Martin - for a bit there it looked like the 6'6" F from Venezuela wouldn't follow through on his pledge to Carolina.

Post & Courier: You may have missed this over the summer (I did), but RS Sophomore Carlton Geathers injured his knee in late July and will be expected to miss six months - no sooner than late January. Since he redshirted during his freshman year, if he doesn't play this season, then he will have to apply for a medical waiver to recapture the lost year of eligibility. I think a lot of us were hoping that the physically imposing F from Georgetown would come into his own under Martin's system. Hope you get well soon, big guy!

Loose Feed

Tony Barnhardt: For old, new teams alike, SEC will be full of the unexpected this season .

Chris Low: SEC will continue to reign supreme.

Pat Forde: North Carolina's widening academic scandal could be test case for the NCAA's newfound power.

The Sporting News: Arkansas' Knile Davis proclaims he's the SEC's best running back. Pride goeth before the fall, Knile. If you don't believe me, ask your old coach.

CBS Sports: 2012 College Football Team Previews - #6: Georgia.

Dixie Fried Sports: The aforementioned Tater in the first link catapults Auburn campus security into # 2 in Matt Barber's Dixiefried Duds Preseason List. Don't miss it.