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The Feed Pail: August 19, 2012

<em>D.J. Swearinger:  Is getting a rep?</em>
D.J. Swearinger: Is getting a rep?

TFP - I'm gonna climb a mountain, the highest mountain; I'm going down, nobody gonna know.*

Gamecock Football

Gamecock Anthem: Adam Garrett thinks it was an "Ugly" day for offense at yesterday's scrimmage.

Anderson Independent-Mail: Brad Senkiw agrees - Defense outshines offense at USC scrimmage.

Sports Talk Radio: So does the HBC - Spurrier not totally pleased with Saturday’s scrimmage (AUDIO). Really? Wonder why? Maybe having four QBs picked will do that.

Gamecocksonline: The official report on Saturday morning's scrimmage, with post-scrimmage interview videos.

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Bleacher Report: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt: Hard to Explain Up and Down Commodore Results.

Ron Morris: Swearinger earns a reputation.

David Cloninger: The one that didn't get away. Great profile on senior Center T.J. Johnson.

Get the Picture: Spurrier chums the water, via this tweet from The State's Josh Kendall and the Senator happily takes the bait. DB Sharrod Golightly's three game suspension (academics) was old news in the spring; DT J.T. Surratt just received the same suspension for the same reason. The fixation on Stephen Garcia in the trans-Savannah continues to amaze; it probably has a lot more to do with the fact he beat 'em twice (and came within a whisker of a UGA trifecta), than drinking the night before the bowl game, or angrily defending himself in a league-sponsored meeting. Heck, you'd think he'd been in a car with recruits, pot and a pistol with the serial number chiseled off or something the way they carry on about Garcia.

Other Gamecock Sports

Gamecock Central: Gamecocks Earn 2-0 Shutout Against Elon.

Gamecocksonline: Women's Basketball 2012-13 Schedule Released and the No. 24 women's soccer team Plays UW-Milwaukee To Season Opening Draw.

Rookie Gamecocks in the NFL

ESPN Chicago: Bears' Jeffery taking early success in stride. But, but, but the experts said .... oh, never mind. FYI, last night Alshon went 3 for 3 for 62 yards (including a long of 34). That was one more yard than Brandon Marshall (who was 2-4 with a TD). Think those two are going to make some plays at Soldier Field? Ho hum.

CBS News: Stephon Gilmore gets top marks in Bills Draft Picks: Training camp report card.

Over at MetLife Stadium, Antonio Allen had a great night for the Jets - recording 3 solo tackles; and leading the Jets with 2 TFL; his nunber was constantly getting called during the second half. I didn't get to see the Cowboys-Bolts game, but at Qualcomm Melvin Ingram also registered 3 tackles, including one for loss, plus a QB hit. Good work, men.

Loose Feed

Dixie Fried Sports: Matt Barber has praise for Vandy's Marketing under James Franklin. He also wants the 'Dores to bring back George. Great idea. The more SEC mutts on the sideline the better, I say.

Crystal Ball Run: Five teams ranked too high; five teams ranked too low. The SEC is represented on both lists.

SI,com: Peppers: No academic fraud. Auburn freshman running back Jovon Robinson ruled ineligible in wake of grade change (from Friday). Key line - "The NCAA has not implicated Auburn." Looks like a guidance counselor in Memphis is going to take all the blame; does any school have more issues with dirty recruiting surrounding it - but always seem to escape liability - than Auburn?

* This video is from the syndicated country music series Pop! Goes the Country, and was recorded probably in late 1978 or early 1979 when Ralph Emery was still hosting. As most of y'all know, Hank Williams, Jr. nearly died in 1975 after a 500' fall while mountain hiking in Montana - which split open his face from chin to hairline ("like an axe blow") and required him to undergo nearly four years of surgery and therapy - even having to learn how to speak again. In the post-performance interview (at 3:46), Emery felt it necessary to explain to the audience why Williams was now wearing dark glasses - now practically a Hank, Jr. trademark; also Williams revealed that he was still scheduled for more surgery and praised his doctors - confessing that he never thought he would sing again. The Mashall Tucker Band - the pride of Spartanburg, South Carolina - had originally released Can't You See back in 1973; Bocephus covered it for the first time in 1975 on his album Hank Williams, Jr. and Friends before the accident. Williams' interpretation is nothing short of masterful; also note that while Toy Caldwell's original lyrics were "And jump off, ain't nobody gonna know," Rockin' Randall Hank sings "I'm going down, nobody gonna know" - an allusion to the harrowing fall?