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The Feed Pail: August 20, 2012 - Another Bad Break for Shon?

TFP - Look around you, all you see are sympathetic eyes.*

Sports Talk Radio: USC’s Carson suffers another injury. According to this report, it may be a wrist injury; Shon has posted at Facebook that he is facing surgery. I feel terrible for him.

Los Angeles Times: Times' college football rankings: No. 10 South Carolina - more about Steve Spurrier raising expectations and standards at Carolina than about the 2012 team, but worth your time.

Orangeburg Times & Democrat: GC's Scott Hood writes that USC closely studying Vandy offense.

The Rubber Chickens: Gamecock Football 2012 Best Case/Worst Case – Special Teams.

Post & Courier:
Offseason work helps Thompson earn backup QB job at South Carolina.

Anderson Indepedent-Mail: Gamecocks going with receiver-by-committee approach.

Leftover Hotdog: We are T-Minus 10 Days Until Kickoff and counting.

Garnet Report: An in-dept analysis from Randall Stewart on The Financing of College Athletics: Why It Matters.

CBS Sports: Training camp report cards for 2012 NFL Draftees - Chargers, Bears, Jets and Bills. Top marks for the ex-Gamecocks? Let's just say I wish my first semester grades in college had looked that good. Unfortunately, I don't have anything for Rokevious Watkins at St. Louis; has anyone been keeping up with Rok?

* I am getting way tired of YouTube's algorithms that keep inserting commercials in music videos. That's five attempts to get a clean version of this Lemonheads cover.