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South Carolina Football: Tanner McEvoy to Transfer

In a surprising development, Tanner McEvoy has elected to transfer from South Carolina. It's somewhat unclear why McEvoy has made this decision. There's some temptation to ascribe the departure to McEvoy's recent arrest, but Steve Spurrier said recently that McEvoy would not be suspended for the offense, and considering its relatively mild nature (and it's McEvoy's first, to my knowledge), there's no reason to believe that the punishment is greater than what Spurrier saying. I suppose it's possible that the staff placed some minor conditions on McEvoy's return, and that McEvoy didn't like the conditions and chose to leave. It's also worth noting that McEvoy is far from home, so if he's going through a tough time personally, he might want to be closer to friends and family.

If I had to say, though, I think McEvoy is probably leaving so he can get on the field more quickly. Although there's been some excitement about McEvoy's potential, he's been clearly outpaced by Dylan Thompson in the race to be Connor Shaw's backup, and he's even struggling to distinguish himself from Seth Strickland and Andrew Clifford. He likely wasn't going to play this year. There's also little reason to believe that he'll get a shot in the future. Shaw will be the starter until 2014, and then it's likely going to be the Connor Mitch show. The coaches may have been honest with McEvoy about his chances, and they may have suggested that McEvoy return to playing receiver. McEvoy may not have liked that. I'm speculating here, but it seems fairly reasonable.

In any event, we wish McEvoy well here at GABA. He's a good athlete and should be able to get a shot somewhere.