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Saturday Open Thread: The Rubber Match of the Striped Beast Series

Good afternoon, Gamecocks. Hopefully, you're inside beating the heat and securely ensconced in your man cave (or some other spouse-free, kid-free, chore-less safe-zone) for the first Saturday of College Football.

Got anything you want to get off your chest about the Gamecocks or the football slate? Then this is your place!

Clemson-Auburn: Its Barners v. Taters III. Three burning questions: (1) Which "All In" squad will get a leg-up in the race for the coveted Land Grant Cup? (2) Which coach is the most irritating cliche-meister: Dabo or The Chiz? (3) Will Clemson Tom get his butt kicked in the food line at the Georgia Dome? (My test sheet: Auburn for the upset; Dabo by a nose and "yes").

Michigan-Alabama: The Sabanator said that Denard Robinson was the most "significant" player the Bammers have faced since Cammy-Cam. Are you buying or selling that Denard Robinson - a guy who says he is faster than Usain Bolt in the 40 yard dash - can do better than 17/20, 201 yard and 3 TDs? If he doesn't, then maybe the most significant player the Tide have faced other than Newton is this guy Coach.

Penn State- Ohio: I'm watching this game right now and rooting all-out for the Bobcats. I wonder how many of those fans in Beaver Stadium think JoePa didn't do anything wrong? PSU should have taken the year off. All that their cheers show me is that the only thing that mattered to them is football. Which was the problem in the first place. A small blue ribbon on the backs of the Lions' helmets is just that - small. UPDATE - Vindication! Ohio 24 PSU 14.

SEC Cupcakes: Which sacrificial lamb will score the most points against our SEC confreres? Buffalo (at UGA)? North Texas (at LSU)? Central Arkansas (at Ole Miss)? Southeastern Louisiana (at Mizzou)? Bowling Green (at UF)? Jacksonville State (at MSU)? I guess it's too much to ask for one of them to pull an upset, but who's willing to bet the over/under on whether the cupcakes can muster 60 points between them (avg. 1 TD and 1 FG each)?