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The Feed Pail - September 10, 2012 - Are we seeing vintage Spurrier?

<em>DeAngelo:  Sweet grab.</em>
DeAngelo: Sweet grab.

TFP - I told her, "It's an ill wind blows no good."

Gamecock Central: Scott Hood says Vintage Spurrier proves point. Read it all.

Spur of the Moment: Highlights of Spurrier's Sunday call -- Shaw likely to rest until Wednesday, Spurrier frustrated with early fan departures. Darryl has a ton of information, including the latest on Doo Doo's bruised ribs.

Sports Talk Radio: A day later, Steve Spurrier is still upset about early exiting USC fans. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

ESPN SEC Blog: Dylan Thompson is awarded a coveted helmet sticker. Have you ever thought it odd that Notre Dame - which hasn't done anything nationally of note since firing Charlie Weis - gets its own ESPN blog and mutliple helmet stickers, but the fourteen team SEC (which has won the last six championships and legitimately deserves to have been awarded seven of the last eight) shares a blog at the WWL and only gets five stickers? And they say ESPN is too "pro-SEC." Could've fooled me. I know helmet stickers don't mean anything in the great scheme of CFB but its the principle of the thing.

A (nearly) bottom-less pit of links follows after The Jump. Don't deny yourself the essential knowledge you need to stay abreast of the latest Gamecock news! Plus take a Fan Poll!

The Sporting News: Ranks the Gamecocks as # 9.

Leftover Hotdog: Billy posts Students, what was that? and Gamecocks 2012 Football: East Carolina Field Report .

O'Burg Times & Democrat: Spurrier pleased with Gamecocks passing.

The Rubber Chickens: Snap Judgments – ECU @ USC Edition.

The Daily Gamecock: Receiving corps gets its chance against ECU and Notebook: Defense forces 5 turnovers.

Garnet Report: View from the Upper Deck: USC 48, ECU 10. Sir Big Spur comes in fifth among the NCAA's Top Real Animal Mascots. Uga, Mike the Tiger, Bully, Tusk, and Smokey also made the list - so Sir Big Spur is in good SEC company.

Loose Feed

SB Nation: Alshon Jeffery Goes Deep for Big TD Catch. Three receptions for 80 yards (26.6 long) and one TD. Pretty impressive, huh?

In case you're curious how the "better" rookie wide-outs did this week: Justin Blackmon (REC 3 YDS 24 TD 0); Michael Floyd (REC 0 YDS 0 TD 0); Kendall Wright (REC 5 YDS 37 TD 0); A.J. Jenkins (REC 0, YDS 0 TD 0); and Brian Quick (REC 0, YDS 0 TD 0). Only Stephen Hill - taken two picks ahead of Alshon - had a statistically better day with 89 yards on 5 receptions and two TDs. That being said, both Jeffery and Hill each out-performed every first-round rookie WR combined.

NBC College Football Talk: Injured Tulane DB Devon Walker is reportedly in stable condition and has some feeling in his extremities. He's not out of the woods yet, however, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Dennis Dodd: SEC hopes to have TV deals renegotiated by end of the year.