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SB Nation Blogpoll: Week Two Questions

As with the SEC Power Poll, I'm going to use questions as my preliminary blogpoll post. Feel free to chime in with your responses.

--The top three. Does Southern Cal's somewhat shaky performance against Syracuse mean they're definitely below 'Bama and LSU? Should they perhaps be out of the top three altogether in favor of Oregon or maybe Oklahoma? Is 'Bama still solidly ahead of LSU after 'Bama's win over Michigan lost luster when the Wolverines struggled against Air Force?

--Arkansas. Should the Hogs drop all the way out of the top 25? Again, they probably deserve a bit of a pass for not having Wilson, but their defense looks really bad.

--UCLA. The Bruins beat a Nebraska team that looked very good a week ago. Is UCLA for real? How much so?

--The little guys. Ohio, Louisiana-Monroe, Utah St. These non-AQ programs are undefeated, each with nice wins over AQ teams. Do any deserve to be ranked?