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The Feed Pail - September 13, 2012

TFP: Some people say love is just a gamble,
But whatever it is, it's about to drive poor me mad.

Post and Courier: Decision day for whom Spurrier will select as QB. Also, Spurrier talks about Lattimore's blocking assignments, the secondary caught a lot of interceptions because they practiced catching ball at practice, more on the Basketball schedule and Fall Baseball starting up. All good info, as usual.

TheBigSpur: Check out how we're looking on the Big Board over at . Looks like we are set at DB, LB, DE, TE and QB.

Leftover Hot Dog: Flounder gives Five players from UAB to keep an eye on. Like their offensive production from week 1 would suggest, there's a lot on offense to watch. Good info from Flounder.

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TheBigSpur: (paywall) Elliott talks about the improvements he saw from his offensive lineman and week 3 should be another opportunity to get a lot of guys some playing time. We played 10 different offensive lineman vs ECU.

other sports:

Men's Soccer: The men suffer an overtime loss at the hands of Number 5 Charlotte, final score 3-2.

Women's Tennis: Associate head coach for the Women's Tennis Team has accepted a Head Coach job at FIU. Good luck! You sure don't want to hang out in these fancy new facilities for a while though? No? Ok, well Good luck anyways!

Loose Feed

Gainesville Sun: As Connor Tapp posted in a fanshot, Steve Spurrier has been nominated to be President of the University of Florida. Shockingly, though, Michael Roth has also been nominated. Good eye, Connor. Here's a full article on the matter. I have to say, I had grown used to rumors of Spurrier leaving to coach another program, this presidential nomination was very different.

Notre Dame: As you may have heard Notre Dame is set to ship all of its sports, with the exception of Hockey and Football to the Atlantic Coast Conference. The guys over at One Foot Down posted there thoughts on it. You can read the official releases from Notre Dame and the ACC respectively, Here and Here.

More importantly, though, here is Year2's take: from Team Speed Kills:

(TSK) -- In a press conference in Chapel Hill, Notre Dame announced its plan to join the ACC to have a better chance to lose to SEC teams on a regular basis.

Shady Business Practices: But there is good news, the Tiger Hotel will refund overcharged customers. And it shouldn't reflect too much on Missouri fans in general. Just remember this if you plan to go to Columbia, Missouri next year when USC visits Mizzou. Don't stay at Tiger Hotel.