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SEC Power Poll Ballot Draft: Week Three Questions

A few questions about this week's power poll, in no particular order:

1. Does Florida have a case for being higher than five? Although it likely said as much about Tennessee (no defense, no running game to speak of) as it did about Florida, it's still hard not to be impressed with how well the Gators played down the stretch in Knoxville. That's now two straight comeback league wins on the road for UF. Anyone willing to say that Florida is back yet, or are we mostly agreed that we should play wait and see for the time being?

2. Tennessee or Miss. St. at six? The Vols looked solid early in the game against Florida, but as the Gators defensive line began to take over the game, the Vols struggled more and more. Still, though, this UT team feels a bit better than last year's terrible offering. On the other hand, Miss. St. remains undefeated, but it struggled against Troy last weekend, and its victory against Auburn seems less impressive the more we learn about Auburn. Who's the better team?

3. How bad is Arkansas? No one expected for Arkansas to beat or even be particularly competitive against Alabama with Tyler Wilson out, but I'm also not sure anyone expected Alabama to obliterate the Hogs by a score of 52-0. Total yardage for the game was 'Bama 438, Ark. 137. That has me thinking that even with Wilson, this one isn't remotely close. Wilson is good, but he can't open holes for his backs, and he can't help his receivers get open and catch the football. To make matters worse, things may be going south in the locker room. Is there any case for ranking Arkansas below teams like Auburn or Ole Miss?