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The Feed Pail - September 18, 2012 - DDI Tuesday

TFP: You can have my autograph
I think I'll sign it good health to you
Upon the cast, your broken arm(read: shoulder)

Gamecocks Online: Spurrier's Press Conference Quotes from today. Oh man. It seems like the reporters were really hammering away with questions about Shaw, Shaw's health, Shaw and Dylan Thompson. And, Spurrier is plugging away by saying something to the effect of:

Connor (Shaw) threw the ball around well last night. He'll start. He's fine. If there's a place for Dylan (Thompson) to come in and help us beat Missouri, we'll certainly consider that. No issue on who the starter is this week.


Last week we didn't anticipate him running a lot. We probably should have. At times we didn't run block very well. Maybe they just had a good stunt on that. The run wasn't very good. There's no question that running with the ball is what Connor does which makes him a good quarterback. If he plays, he'll run some. If he can't run I don't' think he's quite as effective. We believe he'll be able to run some.

Maybe he is trying to steer our agitation with the SEC's suspension of D.J. Swearinger and the follow-up smoke screen by the SEC in response to "OK, why not Vandy Player?" At any rate, he apparently hasn't read tryptic's piece from Sunday.

Post and Courier: Darryl details DJ Swearinger, his suspension, what he has meant to USC and what we will try to do without him.

Leftover Hot Dog: Billy breaks down the TD reception by Shaq Roland and compares it to a play from last season. Good eye.

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M-I-Z: A wealth of links that thoroughly embarrasses my feeble attempt at a daily feed. Tryptic, Bill C. gives you a run for your money. Happy scouting on Mizzou and what they are reading.

Power Mizzou: Bakcup Battle? I know everyone is aware of Connor Shaw and his condition. But James Franklin also has some ailments. We may be looking at two QB's that were listed as QB2 heading into week 1.

The Big Spur: Daily 5: Quick Look at Missouri. I think this is behind a pay-wall. But remember the history here, Missouri is 2-0 all-time against South Carolina, both of them bowl games.

DDI: If you want some mass confusion just check out this blunder/masterpiece of civil engineering:



It's called the Diverging Diamond Intersection (DDI) and it first appeared in Springfield, Missouri. I am thankful for this or not so much everyday, as they recently implemented a DDI near where I live at the intersection of I-285 and Ashford-Dunwoody Road. God forbid you're heading northbound on Ashford-Dunwoody... you're really in for a rude awakening when you pass the crest of the hill before approaching the intersection with I-285. I'd say you'll get to see it if we make it to Atlanta for the SECCG, but doubtful that you would get hotels that far out in suburbia.

Here is a color coded diagram to further confuse you:



Loose Feed:

USC @ UK: Game time announced for a 7:00 PM kick-off on ESPN2.

Team Speed Kills: Orange Bowl and ACC want a piece of the SEC. This is interesting, to say the least. As Year2 states, the Orange Bowl would be behind the NC Semifinals and the Champions Bowl/Rose Bowl for selecting teams from the SEC/B1G. My question is, do they still have limits on the number of teams that could play in the old BCS Bowls? Say we send 2 teams to the semi-finals, 1 to the Champions Bowl, assuming we had a team ranked 12th or better would we still be allowed to send a team to Miami for the Orange Bowl?

Post and Courier: Sapakoff details the Citadel's upcoming trip to NC State. With a headline stating that the Citadel Tops USC and Clemson as the best 3-0 team in the Palmetto State, this is the kind of homerism that I can tolerate. And thanks to tryptic's extensive review of the North Carolina ACC schools, I won't have a hard time at all rooting for the Bulldogs of the Citadel. Good luck!