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The Feed Pail - September 20, 2012 -

TFP: it looks like self destruction
Well how much more can we take

The State: Ever opinionated, Ron Morris plays Sunday morning quarterback and calls out the idea to start Connor Shaw this weekend. Most of us though, share concerns for what's going on with Connor's health.

Gamecocks Online: To anyone who has been less than pleased with the performance of our offensive line, you are not alone. Coach Shawn Elliot is down right disappointed in the effort. There will be changes but he says he is not ready to name a starting five. But they will be five guys that are ready to work hard.

"Hopefully we're going to go out there and block somebody's tail off Saturday night instead of laying around on the football field like we did last week. That's about the gist of the changes I can tell you.

Leftover Hot Dog: Billy goes on WACH Fox to talk Missouri at USC. They could have at least invited Gamecocks n' Balls to break down Our Digital Season.

Spurs Up: Daily roundup from 9/19. And the schedule of events for Gameday vs Mizzou.

Make sure to hit the jump for a look around at some of our SEC brethren. Including one helluva roadtrip.

RockMNation; Mizzou Links 9/20/12. And Film study from Arizona State vs Missouri.

And Captions this! also from RockMNation.

SB Nation: Bill C. is heading to Columbia, SC. Hope he has a safe trip! Only... he isn't justing visiting Columbia, SC. That would be too simple, and if you have read anything from Bill C. you know that he hates simple.

The itinerary sets up as follows:

  • Thursday: Drive from Columbia (MO) to Memphis, Oxford and Starkville.
  • Friday: Drive from Starkville to Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Auburn and Alabama (with a likely stop in Bessemer, Alabama, Bo Jackson's home town).
  • Saturday: Breakfast in Athens, game in Columbia (SC), stay in Greenville, SC.
  • Sunday: Drive from Greenville to Knoxville, Nashville and Lexington (in some order).
  • Monday: Drive home to Columbia (MO).
  • (Tuesday: For Walsh, drive another eight to 10 hours back to Dallas. He really is insane for joining me on this trip.)
  • Now, THAT is a roadtrip. Kudos Bill!

    TheRubberChickens: Speculating transitively. Always a fun exercise.

    Team Speed Kills: Year2 has us holding steady in our SEC East First Quarter Report card.

    other sports

    Gamecocks Online: Men's soccer defeats Clemson 1-0 on Tuesday night.

    Gamecock defender Eric Martinez scored his first goal of the season in the victory and goalkeeper Alex Long collected his fourth shutout of the 2012 campaign.

    Gamecocks Online: Equestrian team ranked 4th in preseason poll. UGA tied for first with Texas A&M.

    Loose Feed:

    Anchor of Gold: Well, James Franklin... if you're going to tee em up like that, I'm sure the Dawgs will oblige you by knock em out of the park. I understand fighting for every inch, but this doesn't seem very smart. Nope. Just because we don't have a trophy doesn't mean we can't have the battle of Columbia. To any Mizzou fans reading this, Patrick Obley admits he hails from Kansas before asserting that Cola is far superior to CoMo. The phone number free throws trick sounds priceless though.

    SB Nation: SEC Network to launch in 2014. They are still working out all the details with the third tier rights. Barking Carnival offers its thoughts on the SEC Network and compares it to the Longhorn Network.

    A Sea of Blue: This is from Tuesday night. But it's an interesting read. Even at Basketball first Kentucky, Football is the big money. And it's not even close. I was kinda curious about this, I will admit. Because at Kentucky, you not only have a middling to bottom tier football program, but you have a juggernaut of a hoops program. In reading it and the preferential treatment that the basketball team gets, and let's be honest, they earned it, I am thankful for Eric Hyman's time as the Athletic Director. I'm thankful that he and his staff got new facilities for not just the football team and baseball team, but the tennis team, the softball team, the Dodie for all student athletes.

    To be honest, in seeing the new jumbo-tron and the renovated Farmer's Market area, that's just icing on the cake for just how much our university has improved.