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The Feed Pail: September 21, 2012 - Like James Franklin, TFP is also almost sympton free. Except they were different symptons - on further thought, never mind.

<em>James Franklin:  "Pain Don't Hurt."</em>
James Franklin: "Pain Don't Hurt."


TFP - You don't know how you move me, deconstruct me and consume me.

Gamecock Football

Garnet Report: Randall’s History Lesson: Missouri. A look back at our last two meetings with Mizzou. The Cocks are 0-2. We simply must snap our 33 year old losing streak to Missouri!

Spur of the Moment: Ward not concerned about Gurley handling Missouri's offensive pace and says he won't limit his players' aggression. T.J. Gurley looked lost against Vandy, but it was his first big-time game too; he needs to be ready to step up.

Brad Senkiw: USC O-line in need of quick improvement. No doubt! USC practice report: Gamecocks prepare for Missouri's speed. Plus Clowney hitting his stride.

Kansas City Star: The view from the Show Me State - Pinkel: Franklin will practice Wednesday, almost "symptom-free." It's looking close to certain that we'll see Franklin under center for the Tigers - but will there be rust?

Columbia Daily Tribune: Writer's Block: Kendall, Haney talk Gamecocks. Josh Kendall from The State and ESPN insider Travis Haney, a Post & Courier alum, chat up Dave Matter about USC-MU.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's back-up QB Corbin Berkstresser was Born and Raised a Tiger.

The Daily Gamecock: Five Gamecock Football Articles - don't miss them.

O'Burg Times & Democrat: For first time ever, South Carolina and Clemson both basking in glow of Top 10 at same time. Yawn. We own 'em.

CBS Sports: Todd Ellis talks South Carolina football (video).

Gamecock Anthem: Defense preparing for spread.

Lindy's: SEC Crystal Ball.

This torrent of links cannot be dammed - keep reading after The Jump!

Football Recruiting

Bleacher Report: Scouting Report, Analysis and Predictions for Where 5-Star RB Greg Bryant Lands. Do we have the inside lean?

AJC Recruiting: Will Georgia LB visit other schools than South Carolina?

Sports Talk Radio: Tramel Terry planning only two official visits this fall. We ain't one of them. Dabo may have convinced Tramel to visit Clemson, but I think he's a Georgia lock all the way. Plus, with Watkins, Hopkins and Peake in front of him at CU, he'd see the field much faster at Georgia the way the Dawgs' numbers shake out. We'll see. We'll also keep a light on if he wants to, you know, play for the home team.

Not-So-Fresh but We'll Feed it to You Anyway (Cuz You Don't Really Care)

Garnet & Cocky: South Carolina Gamecocks vs Missouri Tigers: Matchup Time. From Wednesday.

Spurs Up: The Legacy Continues: Gamecock Football in the Family. Plus Andy Demetra's Inside the Chart (from Wednesday).

Life of a Gamecock: Brand New Start by Zachariah Lytle (from Wednesday).

Cocky Country: Pro/Con: Connor Shaw To Start Against Mizzou. From Tuesday.

Loose Feed

Dawgs 247: Dogs have an eye on SEC suspensions. Swearinger let himself be made an example of - and from the SEC's perspective, at least, it's having its intended effect.

Get the Picture: Saint Mark weighs in on anti-targeting enforcement -"But it is making it more difficult for a guy just to get after it and play hard and fast."

Bleacher Report: SEC Teams Guaranteed to Finish 2012 in the Top 25. I buy Bama and LSU. But Arkansas? Everybody else on the list could stumble - yes, even Carolina and Georgia.

Andy Staples: Inside the Meltdown - How did Arkansas Collapse So Quickly? Well, Andy ... how do we say this delicately. You see, first there was this little ole motorcycle trip through the Ozarks. And then next ... .

Update 1

Leather Helmets Blog: The Dark Hog Rises (h/t Ludakit at Dawg Sports - even if he takes a gratuitous swipe at the Cock faithful).

Update 2

Kansas City Star: As first SEC seasons go, Missouri is ahead of South Carolina. This may be the first time many of you read a contemporary quote from Sparky Woods. Let me say this. Sparky was always a class act. He was the one who built App State into a I-AA national powerhouse - winning App's first conference championships in thirty years. He ran a clean program. But he was given an impossible hand at Carolina. We'd been a decent major independent until the Tommy Chaikin steriods scandal. The blow to our recruiting and prestige was immeasurable. We joined the SEC at our lowest-ebb. Worse, our major assistants were all old Danny Ford disciples (Tommy West, Miles Aldridge) who never had our best interest at heart. The player revolt Sparky had to endure was And we were scathingly mocked by our new "conference mates" as well as our old ACC compeers. It was ugly and humiliating. By contrast to what we went through, the welcome mat's been rolled out for MU and TAMU and the welcome-wagon's come again and again. That's the way it should be. But it wasn't our experience.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: CBS' Lundquist: Mizzou in for a lesson. Uncle Verne is laying it on a little thick, methinks. Mizzou has been plenty of times to places like Lincoln, Norman, Stillwater, College Station and Austin, so it's not like it's their first rodeo in a hostile environment. They;re not going to walk into W-B like Maximus into the Coliseum. Plus you remember how that turned out for the hometeam.