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The Feed Pail - September 7th, 2012 - Home Opener, Obsession Complete

TFP: But I can't stop thinkin' 'bout, doin' it one more time (NSFW, Language).

Post & Courier: Great article from Darryl with interviews of Lorenzo Ward and several players from the secondary. More and more talk about good fundamentals and open-field tackling. (From everything I read out of Pickens Co last year, I hope for their sake they are working on the fundamentals). Good stuff, if we are going to blitz, then it is imperative that our guys don't just get to the QB, but make the play.

Instant Radio Rivals: Checking in on the team after Thursday's practice. More coach speak, improvements, Etc.

The State: Gameday info.

GamecocksOnline: A run down of things to know if you plan to be in Columbia for the game tomorrow.

GamecocksOnline: On that note, here is a reminder of the pregame activities planned for tomorrow.(from 8/24, but they'll do it for every game this year) The times given on the article are hours before the kick-off. They just posted some new pictures of the former Farmer's Market area, the scoreboard and the field being painted. It all looks great, be sure to head over at some point before or after the game and walk around.

Captiol One Bowl: Vote for Cocky, if you have the time. Which you must have the time if you're here reading GABA. We thank you for the latter, please vote for Cocky.

GreenvilleOnline: He hates Carolina. Though, not for the usual reason that ECU players might have disdain for the Gamecocks..

WTVQ: ECU seeks upset of number 9 South Carolina.

The Rubber Chickens: This made absolutely no sense.... until I went to the Post & Courier and saw this. May the lord bless him with the serenity to accept that Clemson will not beat Carolina this year. Amen.

WWL(paywall); I wasn't going to post this because it's ESPN and requires their insider subscription, but it's our old friend Travis Haney. Check it out, if you have the means.

Team Speed Kills: Year2 gives some interesting statistics from Week 1 one of the college football season. He said the following about South Carolina:

South Carolina: Marcus Lattimore was back to his hard-running self with 110 yards on 23 carries, but he still lacks an explosive burst. His longest run against Vanderbilt was 29 yards, which is good but not outstanding. In fact, he has only five rushes of more than 30 yards in his 435 carries to date.

Team Speed Kills: Year2 gives us the rundown of the times and channels of all the SEC games for tomorrow. It's from Tuesday, but some good information to have on Friday. Texas A&M welcomes Florida to Kyle Field at 3:30 and Mizzou hosts Georgia at 7:45.