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The Feed Pail: September 9, 2012 - Say After Me: There is no quarterback controversy at Carolina. There is no quarterback controversy at Carolina. There is no ...

<em>Dylan Thompson:  Take a bow, kid.  You earned it.  Too bad there weren't more fans to give you a standing O at the end.</em>
Dylan Thompson: Take a bow, kid. You earned it. Too bad there weren't more fans to give you a standing O at the end.

TFP - Gold in them hills and it's waitin' for me there.

Gamecock Football

Gamecocksonline: I know a lot of you aren't big Andy Demetra fans, but I really like his "Inside the Chart" - with some great notes and quotes. E.g. - "Sitting in the hallway after the game, Marcus Lattimore stretched out his legs and scanned the boxscore. 'These are the kind of games I like,' he said with a smile." Me too, Marcus. Me too.

Dr. Saturday: Dylan Thompson is one of Week 2's winners.

Ron Morris: It’s official: Gamecocks have a backup QB.

Bleacher Report: Thompson Airs It Out, Leads Gamecocks over ECU and Gamecocks Rout Pirates: What It Means Heading into Week 3.

Sports Talk Radio: Steve Spurrier kindly ask USC fans to not leave at halftime. I've never understood this mentality - you pay an obscene amount of money for the right to buy tickets. You pack an impressive tailgate spread. You're treated to a great offensive performance by a first-time starting QB on a nice September day. And you leave - at half time. Or early in the third. What gives? We have just seven home games this season; that's a mere 420 minutes of football at Williams-Brice (Ed. - can somebody check my math?). Don't be too cool for school. Absent lightning or some other force majeure, plan to stay for the whole game even if we've got a comfortable lead - the beer and fried chicken aren't going anywhere and the traffic isn't going to be any easier. Consider it fan practice for the games that will come down to the wire. Leaving early sends the wrong message to the players; plus we might have pitched a shut out if we had the whole crowd on hand in the second half.

Anderson Indepedent-Mail: Backup QB helps USC romp past ECU and Spurrier remains in wait-and-see mode with Shaw. "'If Connor's 100 percent, he's still our guy,' Spurrier said, squashing any QB controversy before it could begin."

Garnet & Cocky: Dylan Thompson: It’s time I eat some crow. Got an extra plate for me, too?

Gamecock Central: Swing the Sword: USC routs Pirates and Thompson discovers confidence. "Thompson credited Spurrier for handing him a Bible verse on Friday - 'The Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Why should you fear?' and his own unwavering faith in God. 'Whether I played great or played bad, He was going to love me the same,' he said."

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Leftover Hotdog: Gamecocks Beat ECU Pirates 48-10: 10 Things Learned in the Win. Some good analysis, but on # 4, if we run the Bruce Ellington jet sweep, can Qua Gilchrist or somebody-other-than Marcus be the lead blocker? Pretty please?

Matt Connolly: Thompson guides offense as USC routs ECU, 48-10.

The Greenville (NC) Daily Reflector: Gamecocks rout Pirates. The view from the Inner Banks.

The Big Spur: What they said ... ECU edition.

Spur of the Moment: Despite Dylan Thompson's impressive numbers against ECU, there is no QB controversy in Columbia.

Charlotte Observer: Spurrier: Older Ball Coach lot like Duke’s Ol’ Ball Coach. Remembering the HBC's days in Durham.

Saturday Blitz: Vintage Steve Spurrier on Display in South Carolina Blowout Of East Carolina. Actually, vintage Spurrier would have hung at least three more scores on ECU.

Meet Me at the 50: Doug Jolley writes about the joy of going to the game with friends and family. Truly, that''s what it's all about. It's what it's always been about. Never lose that, Carolina.

Loose Feed

The Sporting News: In the wake of UGA's 40-21, come-from-behind victory over Mizzou, TSN's Steve Greenberg says Bulldogs have to be SEC East favorites. He opines that: "[o]ffensively, Georgia is at another level than USC can hope to get to this season (emphasis added)." As usual, the Gamecocks are simply unworthy.

I should say that part of me was pulling for UGA a little - after Mizzou's Sheldon Richardson ran his mouth about the Dawgs "playing old man football." Try as I might, I can't find any post-game comment by Mr. Richardson. (Confidential to Sheldon - if you talk big before the game, be man enough to talk after it). For all of our Missouri friends, go ahead and blame the loss on your mistakes and not anything that Georgia did. You can also say that if the game were replayed a dozen times, Georgia could not count-on scoring two TDs off of second-half takeaways. Since you had a better offensive performance than the Dawgs (both in total yards and passing), Georgia shouldn't say that the better team won. That should salve the hurt a bit. Or so I've heard tell in some parts, at least.

NBC College Football Talk: Don't care that he plays for Clemson - this is a great story: War vet, Purple Heart honoree close to walking on at Clemson. Way to go, Daniel! Clear him to play, NCAA!

Pre-Snap Read: Paul Myerberg says it was one of the B1G's worst non-conference weekends in recent memory. All together now - one, two, three - Awwwwwwww. SEC considers more Thursday night football games (from Thursday).


Updated: Attack of the spell-checker. It's obviously controversy not controversey!