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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: Week One


In the future, I'll try to post these a little earlier in the week. As you can probably see, some of these rankings are going to change next week based on tonight's results. Of course, that also reflects the fact that the league is wide open outside of the top three.

1. Florida Gators 109

2. Missouri Tigers 100

3. Kentucky Wildcats 96

4. Arkansas Razorbacks 68

5. LSU Tigers 74

6 (t). Ole Miss Rebels 68

6 (t). Tennessee Volunteers

8. Alabama Crimson Tide 59

9. Texas A&M Aggies 50

10. South Carolina Gamecocks 45

11. Georgia Bulldogs 36

12. Vanderbilt Commodores 31

13. Auburn Tigers 26

14. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 10


"The Tide are too inconsistent to win the SEC, but they have enough talent to finish in the top six."--And the Valley Shook


"If this team learns to play some defense, they could be an SEC darkhorse."--Alabama Basketball Blog


"A close road loss to Illinois and a home win over Florida State suggests improvement."--Alabama Basketball Blog


"Class of the conference so far."--A Sea of Blue


"Dawgs have started winning games they should be winning. The next step is being the team that should win games instead of lose games."--Georgia Sports Blog


"Getting better fast. Beware."--A Sea of Blue


"Weak non-conference schedule, but they did win the games they should. "--Alabama Basketball Blog

Mississippi St.

"With all of the roster hits, 10 wins will be an accomplishment for this team. "--Alabama Basketball Blog


"Probably their ceiling without Dixon. Will fight to avoid being leapfrogged by UK and Ole Miss."--Rock M Nation

Ole Miss

"Will have to really come together and bring some things into focus to stay up in this tier."--Rock M Nation

South Carolina

"Great record against the third easiest schedule in all of Division I. Average opponent rank is 236."--A Sea of Blue


"Tennessee has some of the best wins in the conference, and some of the most disappointing losses. It's hard to say what tournament they will be playing in, but they have the talent to make the NCAA's."--And the Valley Shook

Texas A&M

"Those good wins are not as blinding as that loss to Southern."--Georgia Sports Blog


"It's a rebuilding year in Nashville. The 'Dores have the look of a 4 win team in conference play."--And the Valley Shook