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Steve Spurrier likes to grind, but only in moderation

Steve Spurrier went on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about The Hit, Jadeveon Clowney, and grinding.


Steve Spurrier went on The Dan Patrick Show today. The first thing Dan asked him about? The Hit.

Other topics of discussion:

The NFL - they call it the No Fun League. It wasn't much fun for me, but those winning guys, I'm sure they're having fun.

On Marcus Lattimore's decision...

We all agreed, the next time he plays football he needs to be getting paid.

On why the NFL isn't for him..

Some of those guys grind all year round... I like grinding from August to the end of [the] bowl game... There's other things in life besides grinding football. The college life suits me a lot better.

Clearly, Head Ball Coach was unsuccessful in imparting his grind-free philosophy to D.J. Swearinger.