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SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: Week One of Conference Play


1. Florida Gators

Pomeroy loves the Gators, who came out of non-conference play with only two losses despite a fairly rigorous schedule. Came up just short at undefeated Arizona. Very talented, experienced team led by players who have been there before and know how to win.

2. Missouri Tigers

Pomeroy isn't as high on Mizzou as it is on Kentucky and Florida, but the Tigers acquitted themselves really well in non-conference play, with both losses coming against good teams. Some quality wins in there, too. Very balanced frontcourt-backcourt play on this team, and well-coached and fairly experienced.

3. Kentucky Wildcats

The record isn't as impressive, with a couple of somewhat questionable losses early in the season. However, this team is loaded with talent and seems to be improving as the season progresses, which seems natural considering how young the team perpetually is. Played respectably against a likely Final Four team in Louisville.

4.Tennessee Volunteers

Things begin to get very murky after Kentucky. The other teams in the SEC seem to range from decent to awful, and it's oftentimes difficult to tell where in that range they fall. There are very few wins of notes in this group. Tennessee's best one came against Wichita State. The Vols have lost a few games, but they've played a decent schedule and have shown flashes of being decent.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks.

A few more losses than some of the other teams in the conference, but played a tough OOC schedule with some success, including a win over Oklahoma. Pretty talented team with a good coach, and benefiting from having Marshawn Powell back.

6. LSU Tigers

The Tigers have lost respectably against the good teams they've played and have won the games they should have won. That's certainly improvement over the past few years, and is more than some teams in the conference can say. Things look up under new coach Johnny Jones.

7. Texas A&M Aggies

It'll be telling when Arkansas, LSU, and TAMU play each other, because I'm having trouble seeing the difference between these teams right now.

8. Alabama Crimson Tide

The conference's most enigmatic team, the Tide opened the season with some solid wins, lost close at Cincinnati, and then completely collapsed late in non-conference play. Very talented team but not playing like it. I guess it's only fair that they lose at something.

9. Ole Miss Rebels

It's been the typical Ole Miss season so far, with the Rebels racking up a deceptively good record in OOC play mixed in with a couple of embarrassing losses. Probably another 20-win NIT season in store.

10. South Carolina Gamecocks

Considering the circumstances, USC acquitted itself well in OOC play, but the OOC schedule was as easy as they come, and home losses to Elon and Clemson don't bode well for true success.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores

This team has really fallen off this season after losing several players from a really deep, experienced team last year.

12. Auburn Tigers

Playing better lately, including a nice win over FSU. Started really slow. Seems to be a decently coached team, but very low on able bodies.

13. Georgia Bulldogs

Showed some signs of life late in OOC play, but that could have just been the schedule getting easy. Several really ugly losses early on.

14. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Hired a Clemson assistant to replace Stansbury and it shows. I'll be very curious to see if they can maintain anything like their former success without Stansbury.