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Shaq Roland suspended for taking Adderall, according to report

Steve Spurrier has remained cryptic about the reason for Shaq Roland's s suspension, but it is being reported that it's for taking medication not prescribed to him.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin McCrarey of is reporting that Shaq Roland's suspension--announced just minutes prior to the Central Florida game--is for taking the prescription drug Adderall despite, presumably, not having a been issued a prescription for Adderall.

Even through Tuesday's press conference, Steve Spurrier has only been willing to say that Shaq Roland's heretofore mysterious suspension was due to a violation of university policy. Spurrier revealed today that the suspension would keep Roland out through the Arkansas game, meaning that he would miss a total of three games.

A few things jump out about this: Isn't three games kind of harsh for Adderall? Isn't the going rate for marijuana possession just one game? Is there really a university policy regarding Adderall? What, did he get busted by his R.A.?

But what makes this situation really weird is that Spurrier boasted in his post-game press conference that the suspension is not drug-related but Adderall is prescribed to treat ADHD and also a drug.

Maybe the report is wrong. Maybe Spurrier isn't 100% up to speed--which, in some contexts, is also a drug--on what Adderall is. Maybe we'll never know the whole story until it gets told in the lyrics of a Hold Steady b-side.

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