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Spurrier's press conference: Injuries, recognition for Connor Shaw, and knee injuries

Steve Spurrier offered updates on the injury status of Bruce Ellington, Skai Moore, Chaz Elder, Ronald Patrick, and Cody Waldrop. He also had some ideas about how to improve player safety.

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On Bruce Ellington, who apparently might not play against Tennessee:

Hopefully Bruce Ellington will be back. He had his foot in one of those boots yesterday. He sorta strained the top of his foot I think when he caught that slant pass right toward the end of the first half against Arkansas. So there's an injury I don't even know if we reported. We'll see if Bruce can run. He might be out this week.

On the role that Shaq Roland will play coming off of suspension:

I doubt if Shaq Roland will start... But Shaq will be out there getting some passes thrown at him. We play a lot of receivers, as you know, so there's some pretty good competition going on.

On concussions suffered by Skai Moore and Chaz Elder:

I think Skai Moore, our freshman linebacker, should be full speed and ready to go... Chaz Elder actually had a concussion somewhere in that game last week. He did not practice [Monday] night. He started at free safety [against Arkansas] and played pretty well back there.

On Ronald Patrick's ankle sprain and his potential replacement:

Ronald (Patrick) had his boot on all yesterday. I think he still has it on. I believe Trainer Clint Haggard said he will look at him Wednesday or Thursday. Right now I guess he'd be doubtful probably for the game. I'm not sure who's going to replace him right now at that guard. We've got Cody Waldrop... I don't know if Cody Waldrop will be able to make it or not... If he gets back [from an ankle injury], he can play some guard. We've got Brock Stadnik. And Na'Ty Rodgers, a true freshman. He's going to be a good player. We don't know if he ready to be a good player yet, but he's another true freshman who I think is going to really play well before he's finished here... Cody Gibson, now there's an option maybe for us to maybe come in and play a bit and move one of the tackles to guard, if it came to that. So all of our offensive linemen should know the positions, especially the one right next to 'em.

On whether or not Connor Shaw gets enough media attention:

Ten years from now, people aren't going to ask Connor Shaw, "How much attention did you get?" They're going to ask him "What was your dang record?"

Spurrier's still kinda ticked off about how the defense played against Arkansas:

The first third and ten that Arkansas converted. Gosh, they only sent three guys out. We were covering with seven, and our middle linebacker I think should have made the play, but he was looking somewhere else when the ball went right over his head. So there's a lot of areas where we can get better. Arkansas sorta did what UCF did to put two guys to block our defensive ends. They blocked with seven guys on that play and only sent three out. You should be able to cover three guys in a big zone, which we were in.

Spurrier outchea speculatin' about rule changes:

I'm going to predict that in two years you can't wipe a guy's knees out when he's defenseless. And that's what they allow. They allow DBs to hit these receivers in the knees because they can't hit him in the head. You're taking the guy's knee out and you can end his career like that. All the players don't like that. They'd rather get hit upside the head or in the shoulders or whatever. But right now they're allowing the defensive guys to take the guy's knees out when he's in a defenseless position. I think they've got to set a rule that you can't do that. I really do. Because we're doing everything for player safety all over the place. Tennessee hit the Georgia kid the same way. Last week Mike Davis did a good job of getting his feet out of the ground. Connor threw him a little swing pass and was a little late throwing it. But Mike had to time to catch it and see the guy coming and get his feet out of the ground. That little flat route we don't throw as much as we used to. And that's the reason. And if you throw the swing route, he's got more time to see the guy coming. I'd like to see that happen in the next couple of years. What do you think, Charlie?

Charlie's answer could not be heard. But Spurrier seemed pretty satisfied with his theory.

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