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The Half Cocked Show, Podcast #120: Tennessee Preview (Week 8)

South Carolina will try to survive the second game of its three game SEC road trip against a well-rested and well-coached -- if under-talented -- Tennessee Volunteer team.

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Inside the Tennessee preview edition of Half Cocked, the Garnet & Black Attack podcast...

  • How does South Carolina match up against Tennessee?
  • With South Carolina likely to be without two of its starting interior offensive lineman, how will the Gamecocks stop noted giant person Daniel McCullers?
  • Is Skai Moore the most important of the currently injured Gamecocks?
  • OF NOTE: We uttered the words "Jadeveon Clowney" exactly zero times.
  • Clemson is attempting to break a Guinness World Record.
  • Why in the world are there South Carolina fans who want Clemson to come to Columbia 11-0?
  • Bumper music is "Forever" by Haim, from their new album Days Are Gone.

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