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Deadspin posts video of odd Steve Spurrier Show

The muckraking website alleges Spurrier was drunk during filming, and the school has oddly pulled the show from circulation. What's the story?

Coach doesn't know what the fuss is about either.
Coach doesn't know what the fuss is about either.
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Over at Deadspin, Timothy Burke has posted video of the Steve Spurrier Show from this week. What's odd about this is that seems to be the only place you can find video of the program right now - the university removed it from its website, and according to Burke, Fox SportsSouth did not re-air the program this week in its regularly-scheduled time slot.

Deadspin alleges that Spurrier may have been drunk during filming. While I don't think this is too out of the ordinary, at least one commenter on the site states he regularly watches the show, and that this is very odd from Coach. The fact that the show is being removed from its normal channels of distribution suggests something is amiss.

We'll update this thread if and as the story develops. I don't think there's too much to this story, though we do all know from experience that Coach enjoys a cold beer every now and again.

Update: Josh Kendall of The State has quickly reported that the show was pulled because Spurrier felt the production was too negative. Read that report here.