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Half Cocked Show podcast #116: Kentucky vs. South Carolina Preview (Week 6)

I don't know if the Head Ball Coach was drunk during last week's Steve Spurrier show, but we sure as hell were during the recording of this podcast.

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Inside the South Carolina vs. Central Florida recap edition of Half Cocked, the Garnet & Black Attack podcast...

  • Was Steve Spurrier drunk? How much better could the athletic department have handled this situation? (SPOILER: a lot better)
  • Jorge and I got drunk for the recording of this podcast as a statement of solidarity with the Head Ball Coach.
  • Connor Shaw went from out for two to three weeks to "maybe he'll play some" to "expected to start."
  • Shaq Roland suspended, reportedly for Adderrall, but something doesn't seem right about it.
  • Kentucky is a little bit better than people think but not by very much.

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