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Kentucky at South Carolina Post-Game: "That's Who We Are"

Streeter Lecka

A few notes from Spurrier's post-game presser:

--Spurrier lamented that the repeated fourth-quarter meltdowns are "who we are" as a team, and at this point, it's beginning to get harder to disagree. I had hoped that the Vandy game was an aberration, but at this point, all four of our wins have come in games where we trotted out to big leads but failed to finish the game in the fourth quarter. The UNC win was the most convincing of the bunch, but given that UNC is a thoroughly mediocre football team, that's not something we can be too proud of. As I said last night, unless our linebackers and safeties start playing better (it would help for Larenz Bryant to get ready to get on the field at spur), we're probably going to drop a game very soon. If we manage to get by Arkansas and Tennessee, Missouri is going to be pretty tough to handle considering how they're playing. I don't feel confident at all that our defense can have even limited success against the Tigers' offense.

--The other highlight of the presser, of course, was Spurrier's discussion of the Jadeveon Clowney situation. Clowney sat himself out of the game at the last minute with bruised ribs. Having suffered bruised ribs myself, I can say they can be very painful. Still, it's not usually something that would keep a player like Clowney out of a game. Spurrier clearly seemed to doubt the severity of the injury and implied that Clowney simply chose not to play, as opposed to being to hurt too play. If that's the case, let's hope Clowney hasn't completely mailed it in. It's possible, of course, that he'll have greater motivation for bigger games. Regardless, it's not a good sign.