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Highlights from Steve Spurrier's weekly press conference

During his Tuesday press conference, Coach Spurrier spoke about injuries, the challenges presented by Florida's defense, and whether or not losing to Vanderbilt is disgraceful.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On the health of Connor Shaw's knee and whether he'll need to wear a brace:

Yeah, I think he had it off last night. I think he's going to be able to play without the knee brace... Obviously, our last game we were pretty sad on third down conversions. Connor didn't run for any like he usually does. Maybe he can run like his old self this game. We don't know yet until we go play. But certainly that has been a positive factor and making these third downs when he would take off and run for 'em.

On the overall health of the team:

Cody Waldrop is the only starter that has been out. There's a chance that even he might be available for this game. Injury-wise, we're about as healthy as any team in the country.

On Florida's down year:

I think a lot's been made that Vanderbilt beat 'em. You know, Vanderbilt did beat Georgia this year. It's not a disgrace to lose to Vanderbilt. They're a pretty good team. They're a pretty good team that plays smart and usually don't beat themselves. They've won a bunch of games the last couple of years. You know, they beat Georgia and Florida this year. And we barely got by them the past couple of years, and I mean barely. So that's not disgraceful to lose, I don't think, to a Vanderbilt team.

On the challenges presented by the Gators' defense:

They're sort of a big, strong bunch. Hard to run on them, hard to throw on them. They keep their schemes pretty simple to where players don't make mistakes. They play a little bit more man-to-man than the teams we've seen. I don't know if they'll do that against us. But they're an excellent cover team. Pretty good athletes, well-coached. Teams don't make a whole lot of yards on 'em.

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