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Steve Spurrier's Sunday Teleconference

Steve Spurrier updated the injury situations of Jadeveon Clowney and Mike Davis and appraised his team's performance in their 19-14 win over Florida.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

On Jadeveon Clowney's injury:

The injury report doesn't look too bad. Jadeveon sprained his foot, I think, a little bit--or the bone spur that he's had a problem with before sort of acted up. But he was able to come back in and play.

On Mike Davis' injury:

Mike Davis [has] bruised ribs, [a] bruised shoulder. Sorta took a hard hit there one time. I think he'll be OK. Shon Carson came in and played real well though. Had the long run that really helped. Shon Carson was very instrumental in our victory last night.

On Brandon Wilds' injury:

I guess he'll be OK. I thought he was alright last night. Trainer came by and told me he'd actually strained a little bit of something Wednesday. But I didn't know he was hurt at all. I mean, he had his uniform on and went through warm-ups. But that was just miscommunication. The trainer should have told me, I guess.

On Connor Shaw's struggles against Florida:

Connor was not a sharp as he normally is. His footwork wasn't wasn't as sharp, and his ball position and fundamentals of throwing were got out of whack a little bit. Florida's a good cover team, too. They've got a lot of fast athletes, and they do a good job. But I think Connor can certainly throw better than he did last night. Hopefully he can get back on track this week.

On whether or not South Carolina is all that great:

We're not all that great. I hope y'all know that. We've had about 4 or 5 games that could have gone the other way this year, and that's why we're 8-2. But our guys have played well in second halves, and sometimes when we need a stop, we've gotten one. And when we've needed to go out and score, we have. We've been fortunate in a lot of games, and we're going to try to keep being fortunate, if we can.

On the play of the special teams:

Our special teams were pretty good. We didn't have any bad plays to speak of... We covered well. We covered kickoffs fairly well. We had our usual one kick out of bounds. But that's only 10 more yards than if you kick it through the end zone, plus they've got a return guy that has run I know at least one back, maybe two. So, really, kicking out of bounds is not as catastrophic as maybe a lot of people think.

On mistakes made during the Florida game:

We had some boo-boo plays here last night. Jumping offside on fourth-and-five, and well after the quarterback had already thrown the ball away, our guy gave him a little shove and gave 'em a first down.

On Shawn Elliott's sideline demeanor:

Yeah, he is a fireball on the sideline and does a good job. But so do all the other coaches. Coach Ward, Coach Adams, Coach Botkin on defense -- they've got a lot of fire also I think we've got an excellent coaching staff. Coach Elliott certainly gets 'em going in pre-game warmups. They do their little push-around drill, you know where they bump heads a little bit and give each other some shoves, trying to get ready to play. I think maybe we need to do that in between the first and second quarter sometimes to get some of those linemen going a little faster at times.

On Auburn's miraculous win over Georgia:

Well, obviously we're glad it happened. But I feel badly for those defensive backs that tipped the ball up for Georgia. Sometimes you wonder what they're thinking on that fourth down. You'd think, "Just knock it down and let it hit the ground."

On the Gamecocks' preparation for Coastal Carolina:

This is a huge game. It counts the same on our record as the Clemson game. Y'all did know that, didn't you?

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