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Florida at South Carolina: Notes from Postgame Presser

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Spur provides a non-pay-walled rundown of what Steve Spurrier and company had to say during the postgame presser. A few quick thoughts on the comments:

--While Spurrier admitted that the offense didn't play well, he seemed ecstatic about the win. Maybe we should feel the same way. This is the third straight year we've finished 6-2 in league play after never having done so prior to 2011. It's our third win in four tries against the Gators after only having beaten them once since WWII prior to 2010. We've got a very solid chance to make it back to Atlanta for the SECCG for the second time ever. This team has been stressful to watch at times, but it's cobbled together another solid year that we can be proud of. Spurrier seems aware of that.

--Spurrier was clearly not happy with the non-reversal on what should have been a Shaq Roland TD reception. Pointed out that everyone but the refs knew it was a TD. I can't blame him for calling the refs out. Something needs to be done about SEC officiating. Although I'm glad Auburn won, Georgia has good reason to be upset with the officials today, too, although at least they were compensated by an apparently gift TD on an Aaron Murray run before the Auburn miracle reception.

--Lorenzo Ward noted the negative effect penalties had on our defensive performance. As bad as coverage and tackling were on some of Florida's long runs and screens, the Gators got a lot of help from our guys committing dumb penalties. We could have easily held them to a lower score if not for those penalties, and we could have forced their defense to stay on the field longer, which might have given our offense a needed jolt. Hopefully Ward and his staff will address this with some of our young players.

--Elliott Fry had a nice comment about the importance of forgetting about missed kicks. Much as he did against Mizzou, Fry shook off a miss early against Florida to make some big-time kicks late in the game.