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Clemson vs. South Carolina game time and television channel set

The #TessEffect might be in play when Clemson travels to Williams-Brice stadium to play South Carolina in one of the nation's most underrated non-rivalries.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The 111th installment of the rivalry between South Carolina and Clemson, which is not a rivalry and is really more of a domination and might not even be recognized as a rivalry by our kids' grandkids, will be played at 7:00 PM ET on ESPN2, and that's a fact. This is the time slot and channel that's usually occupied by Joe Tessitore and Matt Millen will be on the call. It would mark the third time this season that the duo has broadcast a game featuring South Carolina, a school that ain't Alabama, ain't LSU, and certainly ain't Clemson.

Unless both schools stumble against FCS opponents this Saturday, both No. 7 Clemson, which always has been and always will be the university in this state, and No. 11 South Carolina stand a good chance of being ranked in the top ten of the BCS standings when the two meet on Nov. 28. South Carolina, which is neither USC (that's in California) nor Carolina (Chapel Hill), would probably move up a spot if No. 4 Baylor beats No. 10 Oklahoma State but could get leapfrogged by Texas A&M or UCLA, both of which have an opportunity against ranked opponents to impress voters and computers alike.

Clemson, a school that has won more bowl games than South Carolina has even been to, will be trying to avoid its fifth consecutive loss to the Gamecocks, a team whose head coach probably would have been fired if he had only won 35 games during his first five years at Clemson.

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