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Kenny Miles expected to be released from hospital on Tuesday

The former South Carolina running back is in stable condition and will be held over night for observation.

Mike Ehrmann

Former Gamecock running back Kenny Miles is expected to be released from the hospital on Tuesday after being shot in the arm on Monday afternoon. Initial reports were conflicting as to whether or not the injury was considered life-threatening, but subsequent information revealed that Miles' condition was stable.

There was still no official statement until the University of South Carolina issued the following statement on Monday night:

Former University of South Carolina running back Kenny Miles is in stable condition tonight at a local hospital, according to Gamecock team physician Dr. Jeffrey Guy.

On Monday afternoon, Miles sustained a soft tissue injury from a gunshot wound in his forearm, according to Guy. There were no additional injuries and is not considered life threatening. He will be kept in the hospital overnight for observation and is expected to be released on Tuesday.

Now that we know that Kenny is going to be OK, there's still the somewhat curious matter of why Miles reportedly asked that the police not be called. But I think most would be content to leave that stone unturned unless something truly nefarious was involved.

Another curiosity of mine is why RCSD Sgt. Curtis Wilson continued to insist that the injury was "life-threatening." As soft tissue injury, as Dr. Guy describes in the press release, would not seem to be potentially fatal except to the extent that any gunshot wound that goes untreated could potentially result in the loss of life. His comments seem to have had a lot of people needlessly panicked.

UPDATE: Miles has tweeted to thank his fans for the outpouring of support:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>So thankful for all the support and prayers sent my way. Ill be just fine people I promise, I&#39;m blessed y&#39;all have a great day.Love you all</p>&mdash; Kenny Miles (@31milesaway) <a href="">November 5, 2013</a></blockquote>
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