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The 2013 Season: An Infographic Review

A comprehensive visual snapshot of the 2013 South Carolina Gamecocks. Get your scroll wheel ready.

Welcome to Garnet and Black Attack's Infographical Review of the 2013 Regular Season. Over the past week, we've gone back and compiled many of the intriguing storylines and relevant statistical data from the season that was and packaged it into the graphical sprawl you'll find below. We've provided game capsules for each of South Carolina's dozen football games, a preseason and postseason wrap-up graphic, and as an added bonus, "The Quotable HBC", featuring some of Steve Spurrier's best lines from the season.

A NOTE FROM JORGE: The goal was to create an comprehensive visual walkthrough akin to GBH's brilliant Tailgate feature, but since my knowledge of web design and CSS is basically this, the result is somewhat crude by comparison. Still, we hope you find this to be an engaging visual experience that adequately captures the past four months of South Carolina football.

Click any of the individual infographics to view a slightly larger version.

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