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ESPN's Rece Davis on South Carolina football and basketball

We talked to Rece Davis about the Gamecocks beating Clemson five times in a row, the direction that Frank Martin has the basketball team headed in, and why Cocky got left out of the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Mike Zarrilli

For the second time in a little more than a month, Rece Davis was kind enough to take 15 minutes to answer some of our questions. This time around, we asked Rece what he thinks about South Carolina's three consecutive 10-win seasons and five straight wins over Clemson. Since it's the sports take du jour, we also asked him if the winner of the SEC Championship Game should jump undefeated Ohio State or FSU to get into the last-ever BCS National Champions.

Listen to the conversation via iTunes or RSS. Directly download audio of the interview here. Or stream it using the media player below:

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