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SEC Power Poll Ballot: 3/3-3/9

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida Gators

Despite the loss at UT, Florida solidified its positioning with a nice win over Alabama. Will need a very strong tournament performance to get a number one seed in the Big Dance, though.

2. Missouri Tigers

Somewhat hit and miss over the course of the season, especially on the road, but they've built a nice resume for themselves, and the little consistency they've achieved is more than many of their conference peers can say.

3. Kentucky Wildcats

Joe Lunardi has the 'Cats as his third of his first four out, with Tennessee the last in and Alabama the first out. I'm not sure I see the logic there, unless it's that Kentucky deserves skepticism because it's playing without its best player. The 'Cats have a much stronger RPI than UT or 'Bama, and even without Noel, they took out Mizzou recently. I think they get in the Dance with a decent showing this week and next.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide

For most of conference play, 'Bama has been that team that had the great record but a problematic tourney profile due to weak SOS. That's why the Tide needed to beat Florida in Gainesville over the weekend. They kept it close, and they'll likely look back at the loss as a "what if?" moment in the season.

5. Tennessee Volunteers

Like UK and 'Bama, UT lost a tough game to Georgia over the weekend, upsetting the momentum they were enjoying after a winning streak and a huge win over Florida. Despite Lunardi's projection, the Vols seem like they'll need a serious run from here on out to make the tourney. We'll see.

6. Arkansas Razorbacks

Nice win over Kentucky, but probably too late to make the tourney. The Hogs do have a chance to dispel the notion that they can't win on the road when they go to Mizzou this week, though. Things might get interesting if they can win that one and then make a run in the conference tourney.

7. Ole Miss Rebels

In a week in which the SEC had several big losers, none lost bigger than Ole Miss, which went down to a terrible Miss. St. team. This team is likely out of the tournament and coach Andy Kennedy's job may be in jeopardy. Marshall Henderson has turned out to be a FG%-killing dud now that opposing teams have figured out how to keep pressure on him.

8. LSU Tigers

Pretty low RPI on this team despite respectable record. Will be interesting to see if they can make it into the NIT.

9. Georgia Bulldogs

Nice win over Tennessee, but they're playing for pride now.

10. Texas A&M

This team has a decent-ish RPI. Could make an NIT run with a couple of wins down the stretch.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores

This team has actually won three straight. Give Kevin Stallings credit. He's done another good coaching job this year.

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks get a nice chance at a win with Miss. St. coming to Columbia this week. The downside: they'll need to win that one to stay out of the cellar.

13. Auburn Tigers

Auburn now owns the longest losing streak after MSU won a game this week. Still think Auburn is a better team.

14. Miss. St. Bullldogs

Give them credit for beating their arch-rival, but don't forget that they had lost 13 straight prior to that game.