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Uncommitted 4 star DT has made a decision; logic suggests it's South Carolina

Naquez Pringle has chosen where he wants to go to school but hasn't yet made that choice public.

The Gamecocks could be on the verge of adding a big time defensive line prospect to its 2014 class
The Gamecocks could be on the verge of adding a big time defensive line prospect to its 2014 class
Streeter Lecka

According to a report by Phil Kornblut, class of 2014 defensive tackle Naquez Pringle has decided where he wants to go to college and will make that information public at some point during the coming week. The decision is expected to be between South Carolina and Clemson. In February, the Carvers Bay native named South Carolina as his leader, but did nothing to overtly betray his selection in his comments to Kornblut.

Still, there are some clues that strongly suggest that his forthcoming announcement will bring good news for South Carolina.

1) Kornblut quotes Pringle as having said, "Both [South Carolina and Clemson] have great teams. I'm just looking for the best defense." While I certainly don't claim to be unbiased on this issue, I think there is some objective agreement that South Carolina has - and has had for some time now - a superior defense to Clemson's. So, while I wouldn't put it past Dabo to have, despite all evidence to the contrary, successfully convinced someone that the opposite is true, Pringle's statement portends well for the Gamecocks.

2) Pringle also mentions that he talked to USC a week ago "just checking in on them and seeing how they are doing" and that it had been "a few weeks" since he talked to Clemson. Although it has been more than seven years since I have been inside the head of a teenager, I would probably, in Pringle's position, make a point to contact the school I'm about to publicly commit to before I go ahead and publicly commit to them. Now, it's worth pointing out that there have been a few well publicized instances in which a recruit did not notify the school he had selected of his intentions to commit and subsequently had his commitment refused, but those circumstances are the exception, not the rule. In addition, his limited contact with Clemson would suggest that the Tigers haven't made a big push in the past month to unseat the Gamecocks as Pringle's leader (via txting him every day how much they <3 him and sending hand-written letters). Advantage: South Carolina.

According to 247Sports, Pringle is the 12th defensive tackle and the 159th player overall in the 2014 class.

Now watch him pick Clemson.