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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 3/3-3/9

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1 (unanimous). Florida Gators 70

2 (unanimous). Mizzou Tigers 65

3. Kentucky Wildcats 59

4. Alabama Crimson Tide 55

5 (t). Ole Miss Rebels 47

5 (t). Tennessee Volunteers 47

7. Arkansas Razorbacks 41

8. LSU Tigers 33

9. Georgia Bulldogs 30

10. Texas A&M Aggies 28

11 (unanimous). Vanderbilt Commodores 20

12. South Carolina Gamecocks 13

13. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 9

14. Auburn Tigers 8


They seem to be getting better. They gave Florida a real test, despite the final score.--A Sea of Blue


Strongest home team, and weakest road team, in the conference.--A Sea of Blue


The season can't end soon enough for Auburn.--Alabama Basketball Blog


The Gators may find themselves out of the hunt for a 1 seed after a loss to Tennessee, but they still should be able to win the SEC tournament and get a 2 seed.--And the Valley Shook


Great win for the team, but did the conference no favors by beating a Tennessee team that had the best bubble profile of all the SEC bubble teams.--Alabama Basketball Blog


Even Cal doesn't know what to expect from his team. How am I, a mere blogger, supposed to say anything sage?--Georgia Sports Blog


The Tigers have had a solid end to the SEC season. They may find themselves in the NIT with a strong finish.--And the Valley Shook

Mississippi St.

Stuck it to the Rebels, and may have sent their arch-rival to the NIT.--A Sea of Blue

Ole Miss

Mississippi State? Really? I mean, really? Andy Kennedy's bubble may have burst as well with that loss on Saturday.--Alabama Basketball Blog


A sexy dark horse pick going into the SEC tournament, the Tigers need to play more disciplined defense if they are to do anything other than show up for the NCAA tourney.--Georgia Sports Blog

South Carolina

A bad season for SC should be ending soon. They are one of the worst teams in the SEC this year.--And the Valley Shook


As good as the Volunteers looked over the last month, it was inevitable that their offense would eventually slow down.--And the Valley Shook

Texas A&M

An up and down season continues for Texas AM. They could find themselves in the NIT with a strong finish.--And the Valley Shook


If their threes are falling in Nashville, the Dores could pop someone's bubble.--Alabama Basketball Blog