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The Daily Feed: March 6th, 2013

It often seems as though we should change the name of "The Daily Feed" to "Today in Jadeveon Clowney"

Streeter Lecka

It was a relatively serene Tuesday morning in the Twitterverse until this little nugget that had been bouncing around Gamecock message boards got picked up by ESPN:

A man as large as Jadeveon Clowney running that quickly is just absolutely insane. If you have no frame of reference for what a good 40 yard dash time is, there are former Heisman trophy candidate running backs who did not run as fast as Clowney at the NFL Combine.

You may have noticed that the above tweet originated from a Tom Rinaldi report, which may, in turn, have you concerned that there is someone on the University of South Carolina's campus with a serious illness around which ESPN is in the process of creating a cloying narrative to be broadcast ad infinitum during SportsCenter and College GameDay and eventually prove to be completely fabricated.

But, as far as we can tell, Rinaldi was in town for the sole purpose of talking to Jadeveon about The Hit and the speculation that he should sit out in 2013:

I still have no idea what a "Best of the Best" highlight is, but that sounds impressive. My favorite part of this interview is how Jadeveon mentions, in passing, that he's too young to remember seeing Michael Jordan play. Yep, that's a dude born on 2/14/1993 all but ending Vincent Smith's life.

Gamecock News, Non-Jadeveon Clowney Division

Check out these conceptual renderings of the badass facilities upgrades that were given preliminary approval by the Board of Trustees last week. If an indoor practice facility doesn't seem necessary in Columbia, SC, that's because it's not. It almost makes you think that, instead of spending millions of dollars erecting beautiful but pointless buildings, maybe a more efficient way of attracting high school recruits to come to your school would be to pay them.

Shaq Wilson gets a mention in this Buzzfeed post about notable Shaqs.

Chicken Hoops bids a fond farewell to Lakeem Jackson and points out that the men's basketball team might even have a chance to win its regular season finale against Mississippi State.

This coked out PR fantasy of a Texas Tech booster is probably the best thing I've seen all year. My favorite aspect of it is that, after spending 10 paragraphs trying to create an image of Kliff Kingsbury as a stylish Hollywood celebutante, he advocates that the studly Red Raider head coach do a commercial with this man.

As much as I wish former Gamecock Chris Culliver had never said or even thought the comments that he made about homosexuals prior to the Super Bowl, I've been impressed by the sporting community's reaction to his remarks and generally think a lot of good has come from the discussion that has followed. And Cully himself took a big step toward making things right by visiting the offices of The Trevor Project. Check out this thoughtful post by the newest SB Nation partner, Out Sports, about Culliver's good faith effort to make amends.