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South Carolina Holds Saturday Scrimmage


The Gamecocks scrimmaged this morning. Stats and post-practice interviews can be found here.

Mike Davis was the star today. Brandon Wilds also played well, but Davis stood out with several goods runs in which he used his cutting and leaping ability to make defenders miss. You have to be encouraged by the play of the runningbacks so far. Obviously, with both Marcus Lattimore and Kenny Miles moving on, runningback is something of a question mark for this team, but Wilds and Davis appear well prepared to give us a strong one-two punch, regardless of how the competition for starter turns out. If they come through, I don't foresee a drop off in the running game. Neither is likely to be able to match Lattimore at his best, but both are capable of getting close, and if matched with improvement in run blocking, we should be able to run the ball as effectively as ever next season.

Otherwise, Spurrier didn't sound terribly impressed by the offensive play during the scrimmage, but of course it was mostly the young guys getting their reps. One disappointing aspect was that Shaq Roland dropped an a well-thrown ball from Dylan Thompson. Roland has had some promising moments so far this spring, but his performance remains somewhat uneven. We need him to come through and provide us with an elite talent at his position. Spurrier also singled out the offensive line play for criticism, stating they were poor in pass protection and that Cody Waldrop struggled with his snaps.