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The Final Cockdown: #80 K.J. Brent

Hey, remember that one fall practice where there was a lot of buzz about K.J. Brent? You know the one. Yeah, THAT one. Remember?

K.J. Brent hopes convert his practice buzz into in-season production.
K.J. Brent hopes convert his practice buzz into in-season production.

K.J. Brent
Redshirt Sophomore Wide Receiver
6'4", 185 lbs.
Waxhaw, North Carolina

3 stars, 72nd overall wide receiver in the 2011 class
Other offers: Duke, East Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, Wisconsin

College Career:
Brent generated a lot of buzz during the fall of 2011 with a strong showing in fall practice that almost earned him a spot in a wide receiver rotation that included the likes of Alshon Jeffery, Ace Sanders, D.L. Moore, DeAngelo Smith, and Bruce Ellington. But with the wide receiving corps being so well-stocked, the decision was made to redshirt Brent, and he hasn't really been heard from since.

2012 Stats:
13 games played, 0 starts
3 receptions, 28 yards, 0 touchdowns

2013 Outlook:
That glimmer of what we saw from Brent two years ago and that 6'4", 185 pound frame will keep us hoping for a breakout, but the longer Brent goes without converting that offseason buzz into in-season production, the closer he gets to drifting into D.L. Moore Territory. The argument could be made that he simply didn't get enough opportunities in 2012, but that will no longer be the case in 2013. Brent will enter fall practice as a second team wide receiver, but that is hardly set in stone. And because Steve Spurrier, Jr. likes to move his wideouts around and deploy them at multiple wide receiver positions, it's hard to know what exactly to make of Brent being listed behind Bruce Ellington.

As you might have guessed from that offer list, Brent is not someone you have to worry about remaining academically eligible. He won the Harold White GPA Award in 2012, which sounds impressive even though I'm not totally sure what it is.

Social media scouting report:
As is the case with most of the football players on Twitter, if you don't follow the NBA, you're not going to have any idea what he's talking about.

Possible Todd Ellis play-by-play call:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Another touchdown for K.J. Brent. Brent is BENT on shredding this Georgia Bulldog secondary.