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The Final Cockdown: #60 D.J. Park

Meet D.J. Park: offensive lineman, gigantic human being

This is a photograph of a building because that's how big DJ Park is.
This is a photograph of a building because that's how big DJ Park is.
JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

D.J. Park
True Freshman Offensive Tackle
6'4", 335 lbs.
Dillon, SC

4 stars, 13th overall offensive guard in the 2012 class
Other offers: Auburn, Clemson, East Carolina, Florida, LSU, N.C. State, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

2013 Outlook:
Most of the time when offensive linemen step on campus, job number one is to beef them up and get them physically prepared for the brutality that awaits them in the trenches of SEC football. But for Park, the challenge will have more to do with converting his already impressive 335 pounds into "good weight".

While Park's massive frame and participation in spring practice give him an upper hand that most offensive lineman don't have entering college, the true freshman offensive linemen that get immediate playing time at South Carolina these days are few and far between, and the decision to burn the redshirt is usually dictated by depth and injuries to other offensive linemen.

With the depth that the Gamecocks currently have at guard, it would be a surprise if the Coach Elliott decided to burn Park's redshirt.

Social media scouting report:
I'm pretty sure DJ's Twitter account has been hacked.

Possible Todd Ellis play-by-play call:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DJ Park was the pulling on the power play and BOOM! He just ANNIHILATED Jordan Jenkins. Folks, DJ Park is a wizard on the turntables, and he's available to play weddings and Georgia Bulldog funerals.