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What's the Biggest Disaster in South Carolina Athletics History?

Wesley Hitt

Next week, the SEC blogs at SBN will be featuring coordinated posts on the "biggest disasters" for the respective programs they represent. These posts will nominate said disasters to Team Speed Kills, where Brandon will host a vote on which disaster takes the cake as the worst in conference history. Here's a description Brandon shared via email regarding what qualifies as a "disaster" for purposes of this feature:

What qualifies as a disaster? It has to be something your team, coach or program did. So, it can't be the NCAA taking action against your program, though I suppose the violation that started the whole thing could be a disaster. Aside from that, we're talking a terrible season, an awful coaching hire or a particularly dreadful game. For Missouri and Texas A&M (as well as Arkansas and South Carolina), I would say anything from your program's history counts -- the issue of whether it should "count" will be left up to the people voting.

Given these criteria, what do you think the greatest disasters in USC history have been? I'll take nominations in the comments thread to this post, and I'll then post a poll later in the week, giving you the chance to vote on which disaster you'd like me to nominate to Brandon. Some possibilities that come to mind for me include hiring Brad Scott, the steriods scandal, losing to Navy, or failing to hire Bobby Cremins after Frank McGuire retired. Leaving the ACC was arguably a harmful decision for us for many years, but in the longterm, it gave us the opportunity to join the SEC, which has us set up for success in the foreseeable future. In any event, I want to hear from you guys about this. What's our biggest disaster, and why?